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Heres the run down:

I want to make eventually 40,000 a year. So, 40K/1400[working hours]=28.57/hour.[That includes my truck payment if I had one]. Now my total equipment costs are 2770.12 as of right now including trailer, string trimmer, push mower, and riding mower.[ I would figure differently if I was just using my rider instead of a push mower or vice versa] 2770.12/1400=1.97.
28.57 plus 1.97 = 30.54/Hour. I know I left insurance and all that stuff out, but this is just a ball park figure for now. My question was if I can take 10% of 30.54/hour and that ends up being 3.05 plus 30.54= 33.59, would that be a sustainable and reasonable profit from that?
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