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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mow&Snow, Sep 8, 2002.

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    As I read many of the posts in these forums, I cannot help but wonder to myself how big everybody is. I read a post today talking about office managers and having 9 people in that office.

    I cannot imagine a time when it would be necessary to have 9 full time people pushing paper to make my orginization run. What could they all possibly be DOING with all those man hours. I understand that office work is important, and I spend much of my off the job time doing it, but NINE PEOPLE?

    In my business, me and my wife along with 1 or 2 full time people handle 45 weekly and 22 biweekly lawns that we maintain. We also put in 2 or 3 irrigation systems, 10 or 12 wall/walkway combos, a dozen or so major lawn repairs, 15 or so full lawn installs, plus all the other things that I can't think of(thatching, clean-ups, chemicals, mulch, etc.) every year. Give or take on these numbers. This all adds up to a gross company income of 200k or so. Not counting snow plowing.

    We are very proud of the work we do, and take care to see that it is as top notch as we can make it. I consider us a very small operation, as we only run one crew with 3 or people on it. But it feels to me like we get a lot done in a year, and as we look back on it, there always seems like we could do even more with out hiring more manpower.

    Now the numbers above on types of jobs we do are growing every year as we gain experience doing new things and aquiring the equipmet with which to do them. We have been at this for almost 8 years and I feel as though we have come along way from where we started with one clunky mower.

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    If you are referring to John Allin's post, I recently read somewhere that his company is expected to do in excess of forty million dollars in business this year. Since they are doing business in several states, it probably takes a fair amount of paperwork to manage it all. I'm just guessing, but they probably can afford those people.
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    Actually, it'll be considerably further north of those numbers, and we are now in the process of adding 3 more office staff.....
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    So put that in your hat and sit on it Mow& for your other post about $2000/month living expenses...geez...that's almost the mortgage payment!

    Well done John! Guess those pepperoni pastries, or whatever they are, are just a laugh now! ;)
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    That 2000 figure was based on the 24k that the average single american makes. I didn't mean to imply that any of US could live off that.
  6. Mow&Snow

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    Oh, and hot pepper farming???????
  7. Scraper

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    I would like to see his web site if anyone has it please post it ,hell give me his Phone # also Id like to talk to him and find out what the hell im doing wrong,40 followed by 6 0s is a hell of alot of money . Hell I thought i had it going on
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    at the bottom of his reply, there is a profile buton. Click it and you will see a like to his web page. Sorry John if you did not want me to show them this.
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    I notice on your website you announce you are now accepting credit cards. Is there a certain level of revenue you think is necessary to make that decision? I've been toying with it for my company with a 275-300K gross.

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