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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bohiaa, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Hey Guys:

    Wanted to share a little knowlege,

    seems there's a ton of post in this form and others. where people are wondering what to do about this or that, mainly people who dont pay. or havent in a long time. and some of the responses are causing issues.

    at any time. " preferbaly before going in to Business " sit down write out what you want to do, How you want to do it, and some of the issues that you can forsee, thisis knowned as a Business PLAN.

    if you want to stay solo it's OK. But when you run into some issues you will simply have to take it on the chin. IT SUCKS, but that's life.

    If you want to Be a LARGE comapny, direct your self this way. if you have someone that doens't pay you for 1 month. STOP PROVIDING THEM SERVICE.

    There's a post in the commerical forum where he hasnt gotten paid in 6 months. this is hard for a solo guy. for a larger company we would have NOT provided seervice for them 5 months ago.

    By having a Business plan, " AND revise it offten " you can avoid some of these issues. it will help you with advertisement also.

    your play should attack these issues, dont worrie about forum. correct spelling, or content, " Unless your going for a loan "
    It is for you, and mainly STICK WITH IT.

    think about issues like what if a person doesn't pay me. and I have called. 3 times and then sent a registered letter, and they still havent notiifed me.

    think about issues like, Break downs, Employees, and taxes.
    And Most of all. think about traning for yourself.

    traning as in degrees, crets, and orgnations that will help support your business.

    Make a short term plan. as in 1 "one" year. at the end of the year check it to see how you did, where you can change. and what went wrong, and where it went wrong.

    make a 5 year plan. go off the one year plan for this longer term,

    Then make a 10 year plan.

    well you get the ideal from that.

    The 1st year will really Surprise you, " your experance will differ from everyone elses "

    you can even make a 1 week plan. " most of us do "

    after the 1st year, you will know how better to handle a situwaton, as in what if they dont pay.

    And most of all, GET YOUR CONTAICS...

    you vendors are #1. know them. keep them close. " depending on if you do sod, mulch, plants, Trees, and such. YOU have to know prices, and delivery times.

    It doesn't talk that long to make a plan, I think most people are afraid to mess up on the form and how to do it.

    UNLESS YOUR GOING FOR A LOAN. it's just your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. thought's and map, some may call it a diary.

    There's nothign wrong with writting down what CUSTOMER joe Blow said last week, or what happened when a customer said we no longer will need your services.

    I hope this post will help to light a fire under a few of you. you would NOT BELIVE HOW THIS WILL HELP YOU.

    IF you want to be a multi Millionare with in 10 years. WRITE IT DOWN.

    Best of luck to ev1
  2. h2oskier

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    Couldn't have said it any better.
  3. mezammit

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    Excellent quote. Amen to that.
  4. Mountain Peak

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    Very nice. Wouldn't it be something if everyone actually did this before they started up in this business? I wonder how many people would actually start mowing for money if they did this and saw what they will ACTUALLY make the first few years....
  5. JimLewis

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    Ummmm.... maybe it's just me. But that seemed more like a long winded incoherent rambling than anything else. Are you related to Ricky Gervais???

    I think your main point was that people need to have a business plan??? But there were all sorts of random unrelated tidbits thrown in too about vendors, knowing prices, delivery times, training, late-payers, writing down a journal of what a customer said to you last week (WTF???) I'm not sure how all that relates, but generally good advice in everything you wrote.

    I agree in general that it really helps to set goals and think of how and where you want to take your business. But I've never been a big believer in a formal, written business plan. Maybe because I've always had mine in my head. But we've done pretty well despite the fact that I've never written business plan. Last year we grew by almost a half a million in sales.
  6. prezek

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    I'd venture to say you could have...
  7. zturncutter

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    Pretty much what I got out of it as well.
  8. WheatBookkeeping

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    If businesses, large or small, did the things so eloquently lined out here by “bohiaa”, my job would be easier. And, my clients would be better served.
  9. Brodie

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    From what I gather from my own reading to the initial post is that he is pushing the use of a business plan. Good advice but yes a little long winded.

    I think the point he was trying to make about vendors, and supply outlets and there prices was more of a suggestion to network and get to know the people that ultimately support your business. I believe that this sort of rings true if you don't have good relationships with suppliers you will find it hard to run a business efficiently.

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