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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by gutpiles, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. gutpiles

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    Where does everyone get thier custom t-shirts? Im going to get a few this year but since im not buying in bulk, it seems to be a bit pricey- one company wanted $28 a piece! Where do you get yours and how much do you pay??
  2. deere615

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    I am getting mine done now they were about $19 a piece, but I had 4 different colors printed on the front and back, I will post pics when I get them

    THRIFTY LawnSite Member
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    Any web based companys out thier?
  4. lawnwizards

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  5. Southern Signature

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    there is a local shop in town here that does my shirts and right now they r running a special for $99 for 24 shirts! and thats for two colors!
  6. greenbaylawns

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    We use Customink. Just designed these. Only on the front this time. Haven't ordered yet, still sleping on it

  7. Ooomwizard

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    T shirts about $9 each. Polos about $15 each. Hats $9 - $15 I forgets.

    Add, setup fee (mine was $20) make yourself a logo (I use Photoshop) and I use embrodery which had a one time fee of $150 to setup that logo.

    12 T's, 5 Polos, dozen hats = $600. It'll be cheaper with future orders (no more setups) and of course quantity discounts.

    I use AdRender here in ATL. They have a website:

    They are great. Ask for Tom if ya want.

    Mark in ATL
  8. TurfCo  LLC

    TurfCo LLC LawnSite Member
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    without doubt check out You can design any shirt you want on any color you want with whatever pictures you want.... and they give you a price that is great. I have had several jobs done here and they are awesome!!! At least play with the website a little.
  9. macaw

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  10. packey

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    chech your local print shops. I am going to button down shirts with and embroideried logo on the front just above the pocket. these are nice and very professional and contrary to popular belief they are not that hot even with a cotton t shirt under them.

    Oh Green bay lawn care nice logo but move it to the back. use a smaller packet logo on the front.

    Here is something else to think about when you put to much ink on a shirt it stops the ability to allow air to pass through that area and when large areas ofthe shirt are covered in print they become very warm in the sun.

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