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Company T-Shirts


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Click on daily specials at the top left.
One of todays specials is Jerzees 50/50 t-shirts for $2.95 each.
$20.00 one time set up fee for logo.

They are a great place to order from. I have never had a problem before. Just ordered 36 tshirts this month from them.


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New Brighton, MN
Thats a good site thank you I appreciate it. Has anybody ever tried giving them to new customers for advertising or would that be asking for trouble? Just wondering.

Team Gopher

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Hi Flipperneck,

Here is a quote from turboguy.

"I am not sure what kind of shirts you are looking for. If you want tee shirts there is an outfit that displayed at the Louisville show a year or two ago that prints tee shirts with 7 color printing if you buy 500 shirts they are $ 2.95 each with a little bonus going most of the time like 44 free shirts or free freight. You can get colors or a premium shirt such as hanes for not much more. They have a website if you want to check this out the website is http://www.295guys.com "