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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenmonster304, Mar 10, 2013.

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    Green monster,

    why exactly, do you want to give a new hire a take home truck?

    on the call, in what case should an emergency call be denied?

    In general, for good fun:

    I've noticed, dogs raised rural non-fenced are relaxed and dont roam,
    dogs fenced in the suburbs go nuts at the first chance of escape.

    Though i know so very little, it seems:
    Mr. Leary is entirely un-fenced, and has good things to say (as far as I can tell), about his employer.


    If weed was legal, no one would smoke it.
    If tomatoes were illegal, a pound would be $100.

    as always, im not sure what im saying and cannot further explain it....

    good luck :)

    P.S. I think to give a person the opportunity for a job is noble in itself. For them to stay should be on their own accord, and regarded the highest of loyalty.
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    Sounds like breakfast to me.
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    LMAO :laugh:
    Please give details.
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    When I've had irrigation techs, I've always let them take the van home at night. Our shop is really kind of on the edge of our service area and most of them lived in the service area so it saved them significant time to be able to leave from and return directly home, like a couple of hours a day. I do have GPS tracking in the vans and have caught techs making 50 mile trips to run personal errands in between calls during the day, this sort of thing is going to happen whether they take a truck home or not, I really don't know how to avoid it. I didn't worry about it too much as long as it didn't become abusive, like they drove it everywhere or it was obvious they were running side jobs.

    I would tell them what you expect as far as usage goes and put a GPS in the truck. Most let you setup geofences and time restrictions to make it easy for you to know when they' break the rules, might even be a good idea to have the tech included in the alerts so they know it's actually happening. Then I'd figure out how much "bending" the rules you're going to allow, because it's going to happen.
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    Are you going to terminate an employee if they take a company truck to the laundromat, to pick up groceries, to take his kids to the nursery, etc etc?

    Are you going to terminate over an employee going to a doctor's appointment, to visit somebody at the hospital?

    How about going out to lunch?


    Where you draw the line will help you form the decisions about whether to give over the keys, have a written policy, or have a GPS and constantly monitor.
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    I have a company truck that I have the privilege of using. It is a huge perk of the job. I do use my truck to run to the store or around town. The store is less than 1 mile from my house. The boss know that and does not mind. If I want to use it for any other reason I will always get permission first. I will put the gas that i use back in the truck on those trips also.
    I will go straight to where I am working for the day instead of going in to the shop most days. It saves the company at least one hour a day of pay. I pay so much per mile every week for what i drive to and from work that they take out of my check. They use the distance from my house to the shop as a base. It cost me 30 dollars a week, which I gladly pay.

    There will always be someone who will abuse any perk of the job. Just make sure you clearly set guidelines and stick to them.
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    Usually doesn't work out in my experience
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    Both of my employees take a vehicle home each night. It works for me. They can go directly to and from the job without going to the shop, and possibly wasting more time. By going directly to the job, I think they will be on time more often than not - at least for one of my guys that is late for everything. If I need them to do a quick "Run over and turn the water off at Mrs. Smith's house", they can get their quicker.

    It comes down to trust, and who you hire. My guys have keys to the shop, codes to unlock gates, codes and keys to get into customers' homes, code to get into MY home, keys for the truck/van, etc. Until it is abused, I will continue this way. I don't have GPS for the vehicles, but that may change down the road.
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    Same here. My # 1 lives in a town that we have a real lot of customers in. Its 1/2 hr from me. He can do 2 more calls a day then he could if he had to return truck every night.

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