Compare JD 757 to Quiktrak 657 stander & Toro

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Alta Lawn Care, Sep 5, 2007.

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    While my 657 was in the shop for a replacement of a hydro I demoed a 757 with a 60" deck. I also had a chance to try out a friends Z-master. I've owned the stander for two years so I thought I'd share my thoughts on how the machines differ.

    Pros of 757

    1. Wider track means grass gets cut faster.

    2. The wider tires (12") compared to 8" on the QT means better traction on hills--a HUGE difference. The worst I could do was lift the front tire a little and it still laughed at me. The rear tires didn't move from the hill. On the same hill, my QT bounces down the hill sometimes.

    3. The better tires also means less rutting and less tearing of the grass.

    4. It's hard to scalp with this machine. In fact, I couldn't. On the QT I have to be careful. You can be careless on the 757 and still not scalp.

    5. The cut is better than the QT. With the QT, you see tire marks. Not so with the 757.

    6. Overall it seemed like a beefy machine.

    7. I was able to go across a hill instead of up and down it. This is a big time saver compared to my QT.

    8. I was able to make faster turns than my QT due to the wider tires being less apt to tear the turf.

    9. Overall, this machine is faster than the QT.

    Cons of the 757

    1. 25 HP motor doesn't seem as powerful as it needs to be. RPMs go lower in grass that my QuikTrak (QT) would stay steady. (My Qt has a 23 HP Kawi and a 54" deck.)

    2. It Jars the heck out of your innards. My boobs were bouncing as much as my liver was. (I think they are an inch longer now.) With the stander, my legs take the shock. I'd much rather ride the stander all day versus the 757. (I really wonder if all that jarring shortens one's life.)

    3. The controls seem to require more force than they should--more than the QT (or the Toro). Caveat--maybe the force slows you down and helps prevent tearing of the grass.

    4. I was very disappointed in the grass clipping dispersal. I figured JD worked this problem out with the 7-iron II. They didn't. In dry normal grass (for Vermont) after 8 days between cuts, you could still see the grass clippings. It looked messy.

    5. I did like the steering controls better than the Z-master. The Toro's controls were touchy and required intense concentration compared to the JD.

    6. I didn't like the height control. It seemed like a kids toy. I like the Toro's better--seems like a real commercial tool. Odd--the residential JD Easytrack has a height control similar to the Toro's.

    7. JD STILL hasn't figured out how to design a deck that stripes! The guys who have Bobcats will laugh at this machine.

    8. JD needs a chute blocker on this unit to keep the clippings out of the mulch beds--and off cars. (Maybe like the mulch on demand they have on other units.)

    9. I didn't like the wheelie I pulled going under a branch. (Yes it was a ROPs problem.) :)

    10. I didn't like the wheelie I pulled putting the 757 on the trailer. My QT would never do that. I had to back the 757 on the trailer instead of driving it on straight.


    Overall, if given the choice betwen the two, I'd probably pick the 757 over the QT because I could get the job done more quickly than my QT, get a better looking lawn, and have the possibility of getting a better grass collection system than the QT's. I would definately choose the 757 over the Toro. However, I would seriously consider demoing a Bobcat with a good seat or a Ferris with a striping kit. In short, the 757 is not my ideal machine.
  2. Alta Lawn Care

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    Anybody else have a similar experience?
  3. Ramairfreak98ss

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    how high is your trailer that its not driving up the ramps ? Most ztrs go up a good angle before they even start to lift up the front wheels dont they?

    Ive yet to demo a JD ztrak, but one day i will. I think theyre well built reliable machines, but over priced compared to a lot else on the market. I do like my Ferris suspension now, so with that said, i probably would never go to a non-suspension machine, of any brand after the last one i bought.

    I always thought the JD 7 iron decks were among the best cuts? Do they not offer a stripe kit/flap like most companies add on?
  4. LawnSite Fanatic
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    "My boobs were bouncing as much as my liver was."

    Are you woman? Or just a guy with man boobs????? LOL

    I have a 657, and I really like it.
  5. tacoma200

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    Interesting report, maybe just more seat time on the 757 would change your mind. I've been reading these post for years and the 757 usually gets very good reviews. Did it have the suspension seat add on? I have definately not heard of problems with wheelys on ramps. Any ZTR can catch a branch on the ROPS though. I'm with you on the power though. A 28 hp Kawasaki would make it a machine I would give a good look at.
  6. Andrew's Lawn Maintenance

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    Go with an Exmark
  7. QualityLawnCare4u

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    :laugh: :laugh: My boobs were bouncing as much as my liver was:laugh: :laugh: I don't have boobs but agree with you about beating you to death, mine ain't no Lexus either.
  8. lawns Etc

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    I just demoed a 757 and a 797 and bought the 797

    The 757 definately lacks power but the same motor on other machines seems fine I think the hydro on the deere sucks some power and especially if you intend on putting a bagger on it there is not enough power. And the stripe is just ok

    But the 797 is a ton better , no choke, 29 hp and the larger footprint is even more stable I personally have no issues with the larger frame. and the stripe is still just OK . I see that deere makes a factory striping roller so I am going to get info on that.

    In my area there are more and more Deere's all the time as that 7 iron deck will cut well in all conditions even soaking wet crabgrass.
  9. Alta Lawn Care

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    Well, let's just say any bigger and I'd be ready for a "manzier" (a.k.a. a "bro")!:laugh:

    The wheelie at the trailer is a fault of the trailer I think. Too high and not enough length on the gates--geometry is wrong.

    No suspension seat on this demo.

    I'm going to demo one (as well as a Ferris and a Bobcat).

    I'll let you know my take on those units after I try them out.
  10. instyle

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    I have two Quik Tracs, I have never tried a 7 series, but I would like to. However I am pretty sure the 647 and the 717 use the same deck, so one can assume the that the QT uses the same deck as the z-tracs. SO why do you suppose on would cut better.
    Also, it would be interesting to find out the weight over each wheel on both because, the same thing with my QT's....I see alot of tire tracs.

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