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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by j-ville native, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. j-ville native

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    I have been using Round-up but I'm looking for something cheaper that is equally effective. I came across Compare-N-Save Grass & Weed killer at Home Depot. It contains 41% Glyphosate. The 2.5 gallon bottle costs $40 and it makes 210 gallons and covers 630,000 square feet. The 1 gallon bottle costs $20 and it makes 85 gallons and covers 25,000 square feet. This sounds like a great deal. Anybody ever use it? Here's the link:
  2. bigdaddycain1216

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    that is just a bottle of generic round-up. i would keep looking for a better price. i am paying 34$ for 2 & half gallon jugs of round-up :waving:
  3. j-ville native

    j-ville native LawnSite Senior Member
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    yeah it seems to be the same formula without the price of the round-up name. where are you getting it for $34?
  4. bigdaddycain1216

    bigdaddycain1216 LawnSite Member
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    i get most of my stuff from a local co-op. I know all of the generic round-ups on the market are like 41 or 42% gly and the name brand is like 52% on the active. That is the only difference. Generic is the only way to go when it comes to the price difference. :)
  5. Ferris68

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    How much are you charging for Round-Up that you would need to find a lower price? I use Quickpro which is a Monsanto product. Round-up on steroids. Visible signs in less than 24 hrs. I pay $95 for a jug but the mix rate is low and it works so fast. I charge $10 a gallon plus labor. Never had a complaint on the price.
  6. Turf Dawg

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    I generally buy it at my CO-OP also. They change brands quite abit but it is always 41% Gly with surfactant. I think last year I was paying $32 for 2.5 gallons. I can get it for around $10 a gallon bulk but I think it starts at 30gallon drums and that is a pain for me to handle. I did get lucky last year and bought two 2.5 gallon jugs at Tractor supply when they had it on sale. I think it was $27.50 for 2.5 Gallon jugs.

    I sure hope it never gets as high as it did that year the Olympics were in China. That year the cheapest I could find the generic towards the end of that year was $112 for 2.5 gallons.
  7. Landscape Poet

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    I tried the generic RU....while it does kill just the same if applied properly (with a surfactant) it is just a pain to mix, not to mix you are mixing liquids. I went back to using RU Quick Pro - it has the surfactant already in the little granules - granules which do not leave the measuring device nasty in liquid left behind and the measuring device is right there on the lid of the product.

    I paid roughly $60 each the last time I bought two 6.8# jugs. - so it is more expensive but the burn down is consistent.

    J-native - if you have a Florida Irrigation Supply branch up there you should be able to get the generic in the sub 35 range there. They usually also have the best price on trimmer line and edger blades as they want to get us lawn turds in there.
  8. j-ville native

    j-ville native LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for the help guys. Sounds like I should check out the Round-up Quick Pro. I do have a Florida Irrigation Supply so I'll definitely have to check there first.
  9. j-ville native

    j-ville native LawnSite Senior Member
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    I ended buying 2.5 gallons of the generic 41% GLY from Florida Irrigation Supply for $37. Pretty good deal and should last me a long time. Do those of you who use this recommend doing a mix of .5% or 1%? I'm just using it for bed maintenance so I don't need to go heavy. I'm thinking .5% because that's what it calls for for annual weeds 6" tall or less.
  10. unkownfl

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    I mix at 2% I think you should get like 125 gallons at that rate. It's a lot cheaper for me to spray once than to have to repeat it.

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