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Compare,shindaiwa T230 And Echo 261t


LawnSite Silver Member
I don't know about the Shindy, but I have that Echo, and it is awesome. Light weight, good balance, tons of power/torque. LOVE IT!


LawnSite Member
Springfield, MO
I think the T231 is an AWESOME TRIMMER. Granted, it ISN'T the most powerful one out there, but it has good balance, a good cutting head, and will last a heck of a long time. I picked up a new one last year on sale for $230, and haven't had any problems with it. The hospital that I work for part-time in the summer uses Shindaiwa EXCLUSIVELY, and I mean they get beat to nothing, thrown around in the back of trucks and trailers, dropped, never get maintenance like they should, yet they ALWAYS run. I don't think you could find a better trimmer for the price. Of course, if you want to cut down brush that's over your head, a step up in size would be warranted, but for your average lawn, you can't go wrong.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I dont have an echo, but I own a husq 125L trimmer stihl fs55 trimmer and a Shin T230.. The T230 is the trimmer I pick everytime. KleanKuts Ive cut down many of overgrown grass/weeds with my T230 and never had a problem. My next trimmer will be a Shin as well..


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Indiana
I just bought an Echo 261T and so far love it! It seems a little heavier than my other Echo trimmers, but the awsome ballance more than makes up for it. Excellent power for a $300 trimmer!