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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mngrassguy, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. mngrassguy

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    How does your service compare to that of Tru-Green or your largest competitor? How do you think you do things better?
  2. americanlawn

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    We give a price break if the customer is a "hottie".:laugh:

    We always use slow-release fert instead of 1/2 lb of urea. We don't spray in the rain or in high winds. Our full program consists of 5 feedings (about 8 weeks apart), and it was put together by our land grant university. National companies try to sell more app's here, but I think that's unnecessary.

    We never call customers trying to upsell them on other services. Only time we call is if they are a call ahead or to return their calls. We only suggest treating a problem if there is a "target pest" or the likelihood of one.

    We don't use Val-Pak or go door to door passing brochures.....just TV ads & yellow page ad. We have a graduate hort on staff, and some employees have over 15 years with us. That's all I can think of. We may not be the best around, but we're honest.
  3. Joshuakwhit

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    A larger company with more than 5,000+ customers. They don't have very good customer service. I work for one of these large companies.
  4. Jason Rose

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    If you matched your service to what tru-green provides, and you work alone or with a couple helpers, you wuld be out of business in a couple months. The only reason trugreen survives is because they are a MARKETING company first and a service company second. They will SELL you anything, but will they actually DO what they are selling? maybe, maybe not, of if they actually DO show up to do whatever it is they sold you, you are pretty likely to get a half-assed job.

    If you get out of bed in the morning and do your job HONESTLY, you actaully apply the products you tell the customer you are applying, you apply them CORRECTLY and at the proper rates AND at the proper TIME. YOu have already jumped leaps and bounds over what tru-green does.
  5. ted putnam

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    AMEN brother!
  6. LawnTamer

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    We try to give our clients a customized program that works for them. I carry a 65 gallon tank on my truck that has never held anything but water. I use the water to mix on-site, I carry several concentrates and 2- 6gal electric sprayers a backpack sprayer and handcans. We also never call people to up-sell them. I will occasionally recommend aeration, or a shrub treatment.
  7. rcreech

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    Do what you say you will and ALWAYS be honest!

    Even is you screw up!
  8. mngrassguy

    mngrassguy LawnSite Silver Member
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    I try to keep the same person on the same lawns with each treatment. That way, the tech's get to know the customer and the lawn and changes that take place throughout the season. The customers appreciate this and its a great selling tool!!! A national LCO could never do that. They do try but it never works. To much employee turnover.

    Customer service? That's easy to beat. Just answer the customers concerns, do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. Most important, tell the truth. If you did it, admit it. Take care of them personally. Big LCO's can't compete with that.

    Price? Never try to compete with them on price. You can't win. They can afford to do it for free and you can't. You are a premier service and they are not. The only way you can compete on price is to lower your service standards.:cool2:
  9. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Our sales pitch entails several things:

    * Owner/Operator. I care about you as a customer. Really. I know the lawn inside and out (over time), and feel the pain of each and every disappointed customer. So I avoid that little problem by never cutting corners that'll come back to bite me in the butt just so I could get off early to go fishing with my buddies or whatever.

    * Like LawnTamer (the one who mentored me), I have the equipment and chemicals with me to handle individual needs of my clients.

    * Rather than sell you on a low price tag and then nickel and dime you for the add ons, we're an all out, premium plan that INCLUDES all your needs (grub prevention, 2 pre-emergents, summer shrub/bush spray, Round-Up in the concrete cracks each time we come, etc.)

    * We're small. We don't have royalty fees, large payroll obligations, massive advertising obligations... so our lower overhead allows us to do better work dollar-for-dollar than the other guys.

    There are others, as well, but you get the point.
  10. mngrassguy

    mngrassguy LawnSite Silver Member
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    Thanks for your input guys. Gotta be the first thread i've read where everyone

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