Comparing apples to apples


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Recently bid a job where I wasn't selected for the work. Didn't hurt my feelings because I am overloaded now anyway. The guy that did get it I knew wouldn't do it right so I figured I would get a call from them sooner or later. Well I got a call. The owner had found out about the many other jobs that my competition had totally botched. She also heard some very good comments about my work. She called and asked if I would come check the work of the other guy before she gave him final payment. She also appologized for not going with me. I inspected the job and found what I expected. Sprinklers over-spaced, mulch just barely used, no RPZ on the sprinkler system etc,etc. I showed her the problems and charged her for a service call. The comment that sticks in my head is " I wish you could have done it but your price just scared us." HELLO! I thought she would realize by then why my price was higher. I told her that she got what she paid for and left. I have not heard the final outcome. The other guy was supposed to finish the job on the next morning after he got out of jail. No joke!


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This type of situation points out the need for detailed specifications and descriptions for the work that is being proposed. Showing that you have considered the details and know how to deal with them is sometimes enough to convince people. Having all of the appropriate licenses and certifications can also sway people to pay for professional service. But then there are some people who are just plain cheap and are so intent on saving a dollar that they just don't understand that they will only get what they pay for. Sorry that it happened to you but I think we all go through this. It is irritating though when people have the nerve to call back and waste more of your time telling you that they aren't happy with the cheap guy that they chose.<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>