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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Meier, Aug 16, 2003.

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    Team Gopher,

    Thanks. Interesting read. Green in Idaho appears to be confused about capital expenses vs operating expenses on that thread. Perhaps combined, they do eat up 50% of gross each year, but I don't see how they could. Assets like trucks should last a while.

    To be perfectly honest, my operating expenses have so far eaten up about 65% of my gross this year. But most of those expenses are flat expenses that will be the same whether I'm working 80 hours a week or zero hours a week. I've also done a lot of non-mowing work this year because I'm starving (sod, landscape design & installs, etc), which have a much higher cost of goods sold than does mowing. My cost of goods sold for mowing has been less than 2% so far this year, but that figure doesn't include fuel for the truck.

    I was really hoping to compare notes with others. Guess no one else is gonna tell me how much they gross in a full day, how many crew members, how many lawns they get done in a full day and how much they pay their crews.

    That's fine. I understand the question is a bit nosey.

    DFW, TX

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