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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by crazygator, Jan 28, 2003.

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    Randy Randy, man I can't believe you would throw stones at a brand of vehicle over some thing that is not even made by Ford. I do believe Gates or another rubber company is the one that makes the belt, and for the record I know you can get at least 147K miles and counting out of a serpentine belt.

    I think what the problem is is that your Ford is doing as good of a job as your Dodge was and after all the Ford bashing you can hardly swallow that fact. :D :D

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    I have a 00 Dodge 2500 / Cummins. The power/Torque and fuel mileage are great. Price, and transmission, leave something to be desired.

    If you're not going to be pushing snow, and have another vehicle, you should seriously look at the Isuzu, or Mitsubishi cab forwards - That would be the ultimate LC truck.

    You got a 11,000lb plus gvw truck plus a trailer which can turn several hundred thousand miles and still get 20 mpg!
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    hmm manhattan sucks lol small town nothing to do and last summer we had a drought. Well I was being sarcastic in my post I did happen to get a ford lemon and my dodge was the smaller 318 motor that really couldn't handle all the heavy towing I was using it for. But I do love my old chevys don't have to worry bout scratchen the paint and I have no mechanical problems with them at all cept a fuel pump and it was a 10 dollar part. Have you driven the new GM and chevy HDs I drove them a couple of times and I am considering getting one to put my plow on soon. Personaly those mitsibishi trucks are F**kin ungly and couldn't be a real work truck if you what somethin real get an international they are the best. When was the last tiem you were in manhattan would I know you.
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    i have a 01' 3/4 ton V10 dodge, it has been great, all that i could ask for, and i get 12 mpg, yes 12, i have put a chip, intake and exhaust on it and it has incredible power, so i have no complaints, i hate the fords, as far as i am concerned they are junk but that is only my opinion, i owned one and had nothing but problems, i also have a 1 ton crew cab chevy diesel w/ 240,000 miles, still runs great, other then the problems that my employees caused but that is a different story, unrelated but i also have a 88' pathfinder w/ 270,000 miles
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    It seems that brand loyalty seems to be based on person experience with a given brand. Most people who hate Fords hate them because they had one or two bad ones, same with Chevy and Dodge. All three of the "big three" make an occaisonal lemon. This, of course, doesn't make all their products junk as some may claim. I have owned mostly Fords because I found a dealer and salesman that I like to deal with. I have been happy with most of them, although my wife's Focus has some quality issues that tick me off from time to time. I bought a new Chevy PU in '92 that I had for a couple of years and it was a fine truck. I would buy another in a heartbeat (no pun intended). I know guys who have Dodges and swear by them and seem to have good luck with them. My point to all this is that "which truck is better" is just a matter of opinion and there is really nothing else emperical that you can look at. Sure, you can hook 10 or 15,000 pounds up to each of the big threes diesels and have a drag race, but what does that prove? I think this month Ford wins, but next month or year it could be Dodge or Chevy. I imagine you would need a stopwatch to tell the difference anyway. Now I know that their are guys who hotrod their trucks so they will blow the doors off anything, but you can do that with any brand. It's just a matter of how much you want to spend. So shop around, test drive, kick tires and if you buy a brand solely on how you think it looks and drives, you will probably be happy with it as long as it doesn't turn out to be a lemon.
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    haha thats the truth man but what happens if you get a lemon for everybrand haha I have just about. Well cept for those internationals can't afford them.
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    Fords list cheaper prices,, by about 2G's. Dodges will be hard to find with any discounts as its a new model. Go to a website like or and compare all 3. These sites list GVRW, payload, towing, everything you could want. Fords are less HP in gas models, but higher and higher torque if burning mud. Ford f-150 has WAY higher payload than chevy or dodge, but similar in 3/4 and 1ton. Hope i helped a little more than "Ford kicks ***, dodge sucks". (ford does kick ***, I own 4 various ford toys).
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    Considering this is my first post on this site I probably should pick a less sticky/brand loyal thread but I am a glutten for punishment.

    I have had 4 Dodges in the last 5 years. Each one was an upgrade from the previous except maybe for the most recent. Here is my ownership experience.

    1999 1500 4X4 regular cab with 318 engine. Biggest POS I ever owned. in 19,000 miles it needed new lifters, new radiator, new intake gaskets, tranny made funny groaning noise in reverse, it pinged all the time, and to top it off the carpet was soaked with water due to some leak every time it rained.

    2001 2500 Quad cab 4X4 with 360 engine. Very good truck. In 30,000 miles it also needed a radiator, a door speaker, and a gas cap. I started my lanscaping buisness with this truck and also plowed snow with no trouble. I only traded it because I wanted a diesel.

    2003 2500 Quad cab 4X4 Cummins. only had it a short time but it was awsome. I put 8,000 mile on it with some heavy duty plowing this winter and had zero trouble. I only traded it so I could get a 8' bed for a E-Z dumper.

    2003 Regular cab 2500 4X4 High Output Cummins. Have only had truck two weeks. Plowed one snowstorm and so far no trouble.

    I am partial to Dodge as you can see. Yes my 1500 was junk but everyone has their lemons. If you are still looking for a truck Give a Dodge a test drive.

    Also, Dodge does have some rebates right now.
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    Both trucks are a good choice. The Dodge sticks are better than the autos. As for the Fords both of the trannys are ok but the auto will die early if you work it hard. The Chevy/GMC with the Duramax is a good truck, but that is with the Allison tranny. Our company has 32 vehicles and three are 3500 Duallys. One is a 2001 and the other two are 2003. All are dumps. Our company has both Fords and GMC's. The 3500 with the Duramax is far superior to the Ford with the 7.3L. it does get better fuel mileage and the pulling power is better even though the torque is higher, go figure?, ie accelaration when hauling loads. Plus the allison tranny will downshift for you when you are either going down hills or when you hit the brakes when stopping. If you are going to just choose between Ford and Dodge then go with the Dodge with the high output Cummins and a stick. But my opinion is the GMC is a better choice. and the prices are great right now. Hope this helps you.

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    Geez Countryside you didn't have to rub it in. Are you the owner? Share some secrets on how to grow your biz to that size. 32 vehicles? I think I could count all my mowers, trimmers, blower, my 3 trailers, and my 1 truck and barely come up with 32. Maybe I'll have to count some shovels and rakes as well. There we go. My vote again is for an 03 Silverado 2500HD with the 6L V8. Why? cause I just bought one at the beginning of the year.

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