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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by TWGJR, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. TWGJR

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    Help me compare these two models. First there is a $1,200 price difference which gives me a pause. I am a residential homeowner with two properties to cut, say 2 1/2 acres. I want a 44 " deck for tight space maneuvers. The big difference I see is in the power:
    Kohler Command Pro vs Kawasaki. I have a very satisfactory history with my previous Kaw, will I be disappointed with the kohler? The decks look about the same, are they equal? I will probably mulch, will either mower have an advantage? For my needs the CT appears adequate and at a good price. Anyone with experience with these models please offer your analysis.
  2. BigDave

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    Because mulching requires more HP than side discharge, I would recommend a two-cylinder Kawasaki on an HP over the one-cylinder Kohler on the CT.

    I mulch with an HP with 23 HP Kaw, and it *really* does the job.

    I have to say this too, though it's a small thing: the parking brake on the CT being nothing more than a bar that holds the top of the tires seems kind of second-rate. I am wrong there?

  3. eXmark

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    Either machine will do what your asking of it. Both decks have a great cut, both will mulch and both are very comfortable to operate.

    The Biggest differences are all the extra features on the HP, the added power, stronger drive system and the ability to use the UltraVac.

    This link should give you a few more details.
  4. TLS

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    I would suggest that you opt for a 52" LazerHp. Skip over the CT.

    With 2.5 acres to cut, a 44" mower would NOT be on my list of "decks of choice". Do you have a gate thats 46" wide to get through? How tight are your tight spaces? And how many?

    Reason being. The 52" LazerHp is a all around BETTER machine for the money. Biggest engine option. Higher speed. Larger deck. Better resale. Deck foot lift. So for not much more than a 44" LazerHp you are much more productive.

    Don't let purchase price dictate what you really need. You'll have this mower for a lifetime.
  5. TWGJR

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    Thanks TLS and BigDave. The deck size is a fucntion of some tight landscape with a lot of trees. Also my storage building is constrained. A 52 " deck plus chute width would cause interferences. I hear you loud and clear on the more horsepower the better for mulching. TheLazer Hp with 44 " deck and the twin 20hp Kohler may be the better selection, but definitely more expensive. regards,
  6. TLS

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    As for deck width with chute. The chute is able to fold up and lay on top of the deck. Essentially making any deck anywhere from 1" to 1.4" wider than the advertised cut width.

    Total width with chute down is shown in the brochures and website.

    BTW, the 44" and 48" have very little to NO trim side offset. While the 52" has a nice useable offset. Plus 52" blades are very common, and are the same as 36" blades.

    Good Luck
  7. BigDave

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    Note that with the mulch kit, there is *no* chute.

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