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You may have seen my query about engine comparisons. I'm also curious about the Fastrak to Cub Tank comparison. I can get a Tank with a 48" stamped deck for 5000. As a residential user I don't really "need" either mower but if I'm gonna spend money I might as well spend it well.

The ground speed is higher on the Tank. It is a "commercial" unit in some respects but a light commercial at best (but still warranted for commercial use). Is the 2 mph ground speed difference and the somewhat better hydro system going to make a 1300 dollar difference to me?

You guys all seem to love the Hustler stuff. I'm impressed by it. I just want to spend my money wisely. Any input is apprecitated, Will


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The FasTrak is going to have a heavier duty welded construction deck compared to a stamped deck you are describing on the Tank.
We also back it up with a lifetime leading edge warranty.
You will find the frame of the unit itself to be heavier duty also, and it does also have a lifetime warranty.
No matter which unit you decide to go with you will be a happy homeowner, it is going to save you a lot of time.
You may also want to look into features, such as the deck lift, the seat, fuel tanks, ride height, smoothness of the drive system, and options, such as mulch kits, lights...etc...etc...etc...



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Like PJ said there may be some differences. But drive the machines and you will feel the difference. The steering of the Fastrac is unmatched for smoothness. The machine sticks to the hills better and a much better center of gravity.
Demo the units is all I can say.Seeing is believing.
Remember what has Hustler Turf been doing for 40 years. Making commercial mowers!!!!Cub Cadet unit is just a MTD Pro painted.


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I'm a comparison shopping nut. I will take your advice and compare every detail I can. Hopefully I can compare side by side. Don't know if the dealer will have both in stock.

Thanks for the input on things I have trouble comparing (frame, deck, etc). Some stuff appears similar or is easy to overlook. Long term quality speaks volumes but is easy to breeze over in the comparison.

Any other input would be appreciated. If I go with the Hustler I'll let you all know.

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