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    Looking for comparisons on how it would be more cost effective to hire Commercial Lawn care service as opposed to hiring additional employees or maybe even how the typical homeowner could save $$$$$ by contracting with a Lawn service as opposed to spending his valuable weekends mowing the lawn.
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    You're asking two questions I think. Can you elaborate. Your second question is how to market your services to a customer who would value his time over the money he would pay you. In a tougher economy - selling leisure may or may not work. Some people may be willing to work on the weekends a little. Perhaps using the saving time concept in conjunction with other benefits to the customer (healthier landscape due to proactive, professional care which translates to increased property value; increased curb appeal.... etc.) Depends on your market and your target audience.

    Your first question - hiring a LCO vs more employees? Who - you? Or the homeowner? I don't understand.

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    from midwest
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    Thanks for the response but I am actually looking for case studies or documentation. I was thinking maybe someone much larger than my mom & pop operation had put some time & money into some high dollar bean counters.
    As far as elaborating on my 1st question lets say for example ABC inc. which sets on 100 acres and is already running a maintenance division is considering contract lawn care vs. taking care of this task themselves. Which would relate to more wages, insurance, equip. work comp ect. What are the numbers? I was just hoping for another marketing tool.

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