compct tractor or compact track loader

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by 321birdguy, May 11, 2014.

  1. whiffyspark

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    Ok a small tractor isn't great for snow. 40-50 hp with cab is what you want.

    Any skid is decent in snow. 9/10 can buy afternarket enclosures if you don't get a cab

    What kind of budget
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  2. lawn king

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    Tractors are far more versitle,easier to move and cheaper to obtain. A tractor can do anything a ctl can, granted some of these tasks will take longer with a tractor. A ctl cant do everything a tractor can and many tasks with a ctl are done working in reverse all day!
  3. jdo150

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    I have a tractor and a skid steer I have a small deere it's a 2720 and use my tractor a lot. I like my tractor because it's easy to move and leaves virtually no turf damage. I have a backhoe pallet forks a York rake a box blade and a sweeper aerator and over seeder and on occasion barrow a buddy's 72" Harley rake. I would start with a tractor due to price the fact you can haul it on your mowing trailer and the versitality the attachments give you.
    And I do use my tractor for snow I put a pull box and a small pusher and a removable cab and use it in a condo to plow 60 driveways and it works great.
  4. Grant1

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    For the attachments you mention a tractor will definetly be better. A 30-45 hp will behalf the price of a CTL and will do everything and more

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