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competition in orlando

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Please take all these lawns so I can get them back next year with rate increases. No way in hell can anyone stay in business cutting at 12 per lawn on this side of town.
How many you think these guys can get done with a two man crew? I figure 4 lawns per crew max and that's if you pay them a fair wage.
The $12 guys just did a lawn right across from my house. I can't fault their work. They did an excellent job with a 4 man crew in about 15 minutes. I still do not understand how they can do this on the $9 they get from the prime contractor.
9 times 4 lawns is 36 divided by 4 men thats 9 bucks each... Where are they making money???
Anyone end up doing business with these clowns?
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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