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competition in orlando

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These guys recently showed up in my community here in central FL. They are getting A LOT of business. There's just no way I can compete with them at 12.00 a cut. A couple of my neighbors right across the street from me just went with them. They've probably got 10-20 homes here in my small community very quickly. Don't see how their subs can afford to cut a lawn for the 9.00 they get.
Gotta agree with unknownfl, the subs can't stay in business at that price. There's no chance I would take on these lawns for a low ball number. Like I said I've got two right across the street from my house, no travel at all, and if these folks want to take on the $12 guys, so be it. The National Homeowners Association is a real shady operation and I'm sure they'll be gone soon enough.
The lots average 80X100. Most have fences and all have sidewalks so there's a lot of edging and weed wacking involved. Figure your basic 43 cuts a year, give or take a few, and you're looking at a bit over $40 a month gross. The way I see it the more of these you have the faster you'll loose money and be out of business.
I can't make ANY money at $12 per cut. If you can then you should get all you can at that price. Me, I'd just be loosing money faster, not to mention what would happen to my existing customer base if they found out.

You cut St Augustine 3 times per month in the Summer? Wow.
The National HomeOwners Association of America, Inc. and BidWilly, Inc. are owned by the same person. The contract is simply a PR stunt.
The $12 guys just did a lawn right across from my house. I can't fault their work. They did an excellent job with a 4 man crew in about 15 minutes. I still do not understand how they can do this on the $9 they get from the prime contractor.
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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