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    Has anyone ever had friends try to get started in the lawn care business? and become competiton for you. Like all my friends are enveous (sp) of the money im making and trying to get into the business. Like we live across the neighborhood from each other almost 3 miles as the crow flies and hes kind of giving me about .5 of a mile around my house where he is not putting up flyers and stuff. I think I have 3 options: wait it out assuming hes not noting to make it. 2. over take him because I Know hes not a very good lawn mower and misses spots and stuff and all he has is a craftsman push mower so his yards arent going to be looking too sharp. or 3 wait and see what kind of response he gets and possibly merge with him. I dont know I yall have every had this problem but im makin about 30-35 on each yard and I have a felling hes going to come in at 15 or so. And keep in mind he is my best friend but nothing was said to me about him starting a "business". But What should I do??? he used to often ask me often if I was looking to hire someone.
    I know Im kind of a scrub becasuse of not having insurance and being a minor and stuff but I doo good work and charge a lco competitive price.
  2. FlaRipper

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    Dude, you are 13 years old!
  3. SodKing

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    First of all...your a child cutting lawns, the neighborhood kid. You don't have a business. Your friend also does not have a business, he would be another neighborhood kid. You ridicule his equipment but you have a pile of useless tin as well. You can't hire anyone as Uncle Sam, (hint: the government) doesn't know you exist. You shouldn't charge a competitive LCO price as you are not a LCO. Your worried about competition? Please...Play while you can, you will be working for your whole life....don't end your childhood too soon. Money isn't everything.

    Its past your bedtime now scoot....
  4. MudFoot

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    *Rolling on floor laughing*
  5. LawnBoy89

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    Hahahahahaha, you're the best.
  6. Matts Mowing

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    Liquid, please tell me this is a joke.... :rolleyes:
  7. REENO

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    they laugh, i impathyze with you.( go get the dictionary) lowballing neighbors,even ones that u employ from yime to time?, scrub, scabb,cut,scrape,burn-whatever,-dedication,desire to please and satisfy is what counts the mst. get your weight up not your hate up!!!!!
  8. MudFoot

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    Before you run for the dictionary, make sure you know how to spell the word-- Empathize.

    Also, make sure you get your REENO TO ENGLISH DICTIONARY to decipher what the hell he is talking about. Personally, I can't make sence of anything he wrote.
  9. br549oicu8

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    What is that??
  10. daveintoledo

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    yea i know, it really stinks when he neighborhood kid comes along and does a 50.00 yard for 20.....and we loose customers to them ...... wait a you do the same thing...... :blush:

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