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    In my town of about 15,000 people, there are a lot. Just in the phone book, I counted 47. Adding on the ones that aren't listed, and there's probably at least 70 lawn cares out here.
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    Hey Keith, I live in the Ft Lauderdale area. I've seen 5 rigs at one red light going in all directions. There are well over a thousand contractors here, however there are also 3.5 million people living betwene Palm Beach and Miami. Ten more years , there will be no more land to develope down here, and i will need to hire an interperator. Yesteryesr L/S
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    I guess I have it pretty easy then. In a town of about 250,000(lots of apartments) I only counted about 40 lawn companies in the phone book. Now I know there are a ton and I mean a ton of ones out there not listed but the majority of ones I will be competing with will be the listed variety. As far as what they offer and I do... Well I am new to the game but I bring about everything to the table. Most of these firms do to but where I am trying to beat them is with the pesticide licenses, having some design background for simple designs, and I want to offer a year long all inclusive service that will cover everything from IPM, fert., pruning, cleanup, bed design, etc. I want to make their landscapes worry free and maintained by one contractor and one contractor alone.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY

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    Hey Keith, I just moved in July to a town of only about 30,000. There were already 20 or 30 other companies here that could not get enough business. The second largest company in town was even selling out. I talked with the owner about buying it. Glad I didn't!! I already have twice as much money per month in accounts as he does. The thing here is that news travels fast and people like to talk. I figured they would here about me one way or the other. It was up to me to let them here something good. I have even had people recommend me to someone else when I was not even handling their lawn maintenance. They later called me themselves and took over theirs. It's all about doing a good job and having some pride in what you do.
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    I agree w/ Lazer. The competition is keeping good employees. I have not come across customers wanting to change companies. I have had potential customers call because the lawn service they were using was very unreliable. Thats the biggest complaint I hear from new customers. There is too much work to be done than to worry about the competition.
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    hey mattingly--I've read your posts above and I wonder if you'd share more of your buisness plan with us? I started about four years ago with the same number of jobs that you have (goose egg). I utilized the run and gun method to grow and have been pleased with the results. as I read about your plans I understand that you propose to provide high end service to a limited client base. the limited client base is understandable as a single person can only do so much in a days time. how about giving us some insight into how much you hope to gross/net early in the game? I'm not trying to be too personal I just don't have the understanding you do of this process and the advantage of reviewing your buisness plan!<p>thanks<p>GEO
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    As far as competition goes, has everyone been looking at the price of gas? I have decided to increase my hourly rate to cover the cost. <p>----------<br><br>
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    Geo,<br> I am going to the Small Business Dev. Ctr. tomorrow to run figures on what I have estimated for this coming year. I will try to give you some info. once I get this done. The whole process of a business plan is very beneficial to the success of a company. Now I know some people will say well I make 100K a year and don't have one. Well great. I am going to have one anyway. I think it is important for any one looking to write a b plan to do their own. It is a great learning experience and you have more insight as to the true backbone of the company. Sorry this is off topic of the orig. post.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY

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