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    I just found out today the local big boy spray and fert company has been asking around about my business. I have insurance, licence to spray and I try to follow every rule that comes along but you know how it is there are so many I am wondering if I am missing anything. He doesn't like competion and is not above making a few phone calls, I just don't need the hassle this might make. I usually only take on customers who have never had anyone spray or fert for them before but last year I took on one of his customers when a neighbour recommended us to him we also did a small clean up for him and he was real happy with us. It's only a $125 a year job. One thing I have a problem with is customers remove the pesticide signs as soon as we drive out the driveway even after we tell them they have to stay there. I do some commercial properties too and they always remove the signs right away they don't want the neighbours knowing the lawn is sprayed. We don't even have the same type of customers, his are all big ticket lawns and mine are all on minimum programs, just enough to keep them green and alive.
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    contact him, ask him what he wants to know and offer him what he wants to know. Are the two of you friends, or is there a fued going on here?
  3. I'm with Jason, call and talk to him. Maybe once he knows you and the type accounts you have he can send you work he doesn't want. See if you cant make a friend. If it seems that hes wanting to make trouble, just do your best make sure your house is in order. Also with a big company, a possibility that all his guys aren't working at 100%.
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    It's a franchise and no he is not a friend and he definately doesn't want to be friends. I already send lots of business his way and that is also how he found out about me the customer told him I said to call him. I won't do grub treatments so I send them all his way, I feel it is too expensive and not something I want to do anyway. Once Spring gets here and he is busy I'm sure he will forget about me.
  5. Is it Art`s landscaping? Huron landscaping Or the weed man? those are the only one that I can think of that are in your and my areas. What is ur business name?
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    I would still talk to him, if he knows that you are sending business his way maybe he does intend to return the favor if you do work that his company doesn't ie cleanups. But from experience I have learned that it pays to check out the person you are going to recomend and maybe that is why he is asking others about your business. Nothing worse than recomending someone to a customer only to find out that the person you recomended isn't what you thought. Funny how your customer will put more of the blame on you than the company that did the shoddy work.
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    I wouldn't waste my breath or energy on the jagoff. I wouldn't send work his way and I wouldn't try to help or give him the time of day. If you are legit and do things properly, who cares what he thinks. When a customer asks for someone to do grub treatments, tell them unfortunately you are not aware of a dependable company to do them and hopefully you will provide that service in the future. If I were you, I might think about doing the grub treatments even if they aren't as profitable. This way you provide 100% for your customers and don't get anyone else involved with your clients. I wouldn't have you as a service if you didn't include a critical application such as a grub treatment is.
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    CMLL, it's the weedman. I am friends with Greg at Huron Landscaping in fact my son works for his sister in law, we recommend lots of work to them and they send some our way. As for Art's most people know him well, he's not a problem. The weedman really does nice work on the lawns that I have seen so I have no problem recommending him to people.
    I just don't want to do grubs and really spraying and fert is a small part of our business and we're not really that interested in growing it much. We prefer to cut only that is why we recommend the weedman to our customers who want the perfect (lots of fert) lawn.
    CMLL our name is here

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