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  1. AMAC

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    Guys, the competition in my area is crazy. Several of my accounts have already contacted me about new companies wanting to bid on them. It seems that each year there are dozens of new guys out there pulling trailers with mowers, I have been in business for my self now for 3 years (full time), but I have been in the bus. for many more, and I will bet that in my area, with a population of about 67,000 in 4 surounding towns, there are 15-20 large companies (with 3-5 crews), and hundreds of small ones (1 crew or solo). This area is flooded with lawn guys, I know many of them because the area is so small, but there a few large companies that seem like ghosts, I never see them but I here about them. Am I alone in this swamp of competition, or is it like this in most places?
  2. proenterprises

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    some areas see a larger of the everyday joe pulling a trailer with machines on it. others just have the big guys that come around year after year. let your work speak for itself. by now, people should know what to expect for a guy bidding their lawn at 10 dollars.
  3. Kelly's Landscaping

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    For fun I counted the ones that are in the new yellow book the other day. This is my first year in the book and I can't say I was to pleased to have 240 other landscaping companies in the book yes that’s correct 240. And allot of companies I know of aren’t listed so it may be double that.
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    Same here. Seems like close to a hundred pop up every year. Everyone with a trailer and a Craftsman mower wants to be an LCO. They don't last. Even my neighbor got in the biz two years ago. He did not even have a trailer. Put his mower in the bed of a chevy 1500. Poulan weedeater, homelite blower. The works. He did not last a season. :D
  5. AL Inc

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    Don't let it get you down. Create a good name for yourself and the work will come. There are literally hundreds of landscapers in my town, and every year, I am faced with more work than I could possibly handle.
    It is an easy business to get into, but very tough to stay in for the long haul. Every year, I see guys start the season with the guns blazing, and the next, they are gone.
  6. J Hisch

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    Competition is good in a sense it keeps us all on our toes.
  7. FineScapes

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    if your customer goes for the cheap lawn boy -let them -and then when they call you back raise your price because you will now have to fit them in on your busy schedule - don't get me wrong though some lawn boys that know what they are doing can make some good profit b/c of their low expenses but if its daddys boy in his new Z71 dont worry you WILL GET THE ACCOUNT BACK. Competition in lawn business should be campared amongst us pros not with kids. Have a nice day.
  8. WeatherMan

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    Every season I sit back and watch all the new people starting in buss. and then watch 99% fail at thier new Buss. But what I hate the most is having them call and ask for a bid so they can see what to charge. Its a huge waste of my time
  9. JimLewis

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    I assume you're referring to commercial accounts when you say that several of them have contacted you and told you about other companies wanting to submit bids.

    See, it's that bad or worse around here for commercial stuff. That's why I stick with residential. In residential, there's even more profit per man hour and way more loyalty. Most residentials will keep you on for years and years as long as you do decent work. They won't ditch you for a lowballer. As long as you're fair with them, they stay loyal to you.
  10. mtdman

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    When I was just starting out, I would get really worked up about competition. Seemed like every goofball with a truck was cutting grass. I was always worried about what other people were doing, how many customers they had, why I couldn't get their business. But as I grew, and became more secure, I saw that no matter what the competition did, as long as I did my best and kept my customers happy, I would be fine and make money. So that's what I worry about. I don't care who else is doing what, and have met and made friends with a few local lcos. I see some of the big companies that still think they should be mowing every lawn and how they treat other lcos, and it makes me sick. Stick to yourself and worry about your business, and hopefully the rest will follow.

    And I'm with JimLewis on commercials. I don't like 'em, I stick to residentials.


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