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  1. danslawncare

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    Do any of you ever worry about not being able to find work? At least where i live, you can't drive down the road without seeing 5 landscape/lawncare crews. I'm only 18, and have 25 clients. I want to do this a a career, but am always worried no one will like my work...or i'll price too high. I always get repeat business...only 1 person mad at me in 3 years. What do you think?

  2. impactlandscaping

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    Dan, you have to accept the fact you will not win every bid or every lawn you quote. If you do, you are going to burn out so quickly, you won't know what hit you. Take the good and the bad , hand in hand, and all will work out in the end. Don't worry about your prices, make sure to make a profit, don't try and get every job no matter what the cost to you. It's hard wanting to win every bid , but it just doesn't happen. Do good work, get set up legally , and advertise. There are a broad range of landscape contractors with a broad range of pricing as well. You will find you fit into someone's needs better than you think, regardless of what you are charging.BTW-Sounds like you're off to a good start. Godd luck!
  3. mtdman

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    My philosophy has always been I don't want every job, I don't want every possible customer, I don't want to be the only guy around, and competition is good. If you have quality work, a good reputation, and people are happy you will have work. Don't worry about every guy with a lawnmower. If you build a business that competes on a higher level, the weekend lawn guy won't be a competitor of yours, just other weekend lawn guys.
  4. dcondon

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    we never worry about finding work. If you do a great job people start talking and thats one of the best ways!!!
  5. CuttingCrew

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    Treat your customers the way you would want to be treated. Cut their lawn the way you would want yours cut. (or better) Know your expenses so you are sure your running a profitable business. The work will keep coming.
    Let the competition worry about you!
    Sounds like you have a good start.
    Good luck!
  6. danslawncare

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    thanks guys
  7. Mo Green

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    If you provide quality service and take care of your custmers, you will always be sucessful. You won't have to find customers, they will find you.
  8. Kelly's Landscaping

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    .Only five other crews you got light I probably see if I actually opened my eyes and counted 150-200 different companies a week that cross my path. One guy has a WB and no truck he drives from site to site on the back of that mower with a wacker a backpack and 2 gas cans on top of the deck

    And what does all that mean to me absolutely nothing as far as I am concerned they work because I allow them to. You can get as big or stay as small as you want in this business. There are lots of whales out there that can out spend you and under bid you if they choose too so you can’t worry about them if they are going to move in they will. Just do what it is you want and if you need to adapt then you do that and keep working there’s always more jobs out there. The only people that will end up failing in this trade are the ones that refused to change when all the signs said they should as long as your flexible you will survive anything.
  9. Lawnchoice

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    What is competition?

    Wink wink !!
  10. J Hisch

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    This industry will continue to grow. If you are gettin repeat business and referral you will be fine just keep your debts down.

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