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Competitive market

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by danzig, May 12, 2002.

  1. danzig

    danzig LawnSite Member
    Messages: 103

    Chemlawn and Scotts sent postcards to every home in my area. Now it is tough to find anymore new business. Any ideas on how to compete against these guys?
  2. Ummm be creative maby:D

    They do the same here, and app customers are banging my door down.
  3. Why do people not buy from CL and Scotts?
    Why do they buy from you?
    Do a good job and tell lots of people your story.
    Like LGF said-be creative
  4. dougaustreim

    dougaustreim LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 488

    Don't know much about Scotts, but TGCL will take care of themself for you. Almost all of the new calls we get for spraying services are from people who start out saying we've had TGCL and are unhappy. We retain about 95% of our customers, the rest die or move away. When we do lose one to another company, there usually back in two years or less. just do a good job and you'll be fine

    Incidentally, Scotts has not made fans of their retail dealers with their lawn service program. My Cousin owns a Tru Valu store and is a big Scotts dealer. He wasn't too happy when all of his customers got cards in the mail promoting Scotts lawn service. It is just like the supplier competing with the customer
  5. For those whom think Scotts is going to be a big player in the apps area, they are dead wrong.

    No only does Scotts portay themselves just like TGCL does, they have poorly educated techs, and use products they don't even sell. Can you say "LESCO" next time you see a Scotts van look inside of it.

    Unfortunity Scotts is using the same marketing plan as TGCL, so they are not going to last long after they give them selves a bad name.

    I find It is easier to get accounts from those 2 companies than the small guys like us.

    Little advertising, just sell what you do best, has worked for me, but I wont give away all my secrets.

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
    from NE OHIO
    Messages: 665

    The Scotts guy in my area does not have a clue about agronomics. He just knows he spreads Scotts. And as far as TGCL goes, I think nearly every red-blooded American has had some sort of contact with them. These two names are the 2 most recognizable names out there. And they feel they can rest on their laurels. And it works. I have a customer who has a thick green lawn that stands up tall in the summer, even though it is a shade turf. The next door lawn is done by TGCL and is also a shade turf. The difference is that in the summer, it is laying down in defeat. 4lbs/N/year???(haven't you learned yet?) They pay 30% more per app and refuse to switch, even though their lawn looks like poop in July and mine does not. The reason- "Well, I have TGCL". :rolleyes:

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