Complaint Season Begins

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dr.NewEarth, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Around here, the beginning of May has people venturing into their yards for the first time since last fall.
    And Oh my gosh, it doesn't look like the golf course they saw on TV this morning!!!

    There has been an increadible amount of rain and severe storms all over North America so far this spring and then
    you get a little bit of sunshine and the weeds pop up like crazy.
    It is sunny in Vancouver BC this weekend.

    Most of my work is in cities that have banned pesticides. We have to do things differently now.
    I have been letting the lawns grow a bit longer due to the need to choke out weeds and also, because the lawns are flooded.
    No sense making more problems.

    At any rate, even though I have educated people and regularly update HOA Councils and property managers about the problems and concerns, I expect to get some really stupid complaints.
    It happens every year no matter what we do.

    My solution: smile and bite my tongue

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