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    New logo. I printed some business cards with the old logo and hated it. Changed it to this one. I went with this one because when I letter my vehicles, this will come out nice and big and easy to ready. I wanted something simple.

    Also, just finished my paperwork to become LLC, sending it in on the first of the year. There is a local university that did all the paperwork for me. One of their law students did it. It was then approved by the professor. Best part is they did it for free. The students need the experience so they are happy to help.

    Still in the process of building my website. About 75% done. I also picked up my first commercial maintenance customer. Pretty excited about that.

    Now i'm just waiting for some snow to fall. Should be able to use the new plow for the first time. I'm pumped!

    Complete Ground Pros Final Black Background.jpg
  2. Lazer Cut

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    really like that logo... going to look good on the truck and advertising equipment
  3. Durabird02

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    How old are you? Is this your full-time job?
  4. Complete Ground Pros

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    Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm going to keep all my vehicles/trailers black, so this should pop out really nice when driving down the road.

    I will be turning 25 in Jan. This is not my full-time job, yet. I currently work for my Dad (non Landscaping related) full time, 40-45 hrs a wk, and I have a part-time job at Lowes about 15-25 hrs. a week. I just started the company so all I do now are snow accounts.

    I will most likely weed out the hours at my Dad's once this starts to grow. Then I hope to be making enough to quit Lowes by then end of 2013. I may just keep it for a little longer though, it's a nice steady income that I know is going to be there every other Friday, plus the job isn't half bad.

    I'm excited to get started though. Should be an exciting next 25 years of my life!
  5. Durabird02

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    That was the exact answer I was hoping to hear. After seeing your purchases, I was a little concerned that you might be getting in too deep with debt to start out, but I see you have a plan. One piece of advice I can offer is, try to have the work before you buy the machine to do the work. I am partnered with my dad and he wanted to buy a bobcat before we had enoough work to keep the bobcat busy. I don't like paying for stuff that is sitting around, not making money. Good luck to you next year!!
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    Finished (kind of) my webpage. The general set-up is complete, I am just now working on SEO and getting the right key words. It was very easy to set up, kind of time consuming though. Let me know what you guys think.
  7. jay_mc1

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    Website looks good, I like it. It's not to busy, and it looks professional.
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    Website looks nice man. You putting that plow to work?
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    Nice and simple website. Looks good! Who or what program did you use?
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