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    Alright, I have a few questions. I'm thinking about doing my first complete landscape installation this spring. I will need to seed the lawn, plant plants, and hire a designer. I will figure out how much I need to charge for plants and stuff. But here's a few questions:

    1. Should I markup each tree a little and charge my hourly rate for planting and digging the holes, or should I just give a certain amount for each tree planted and whole dug? I'm leaning toward the hourly method, this may help me estimate next time.

    2. I would probably hydroseed the lawn. What's the average cost for a 10,000 sq. ft lawn to be seeded? Then, would I charge like $60-100/hr for the time the hydro seeder (rental) is running, plus $40/hr labor for the person running the seeder?

    3. I'd have to rent a skid steere or a tractor, but am gonna make that decision after getting a good look at the actual job. Are these pieces of equipment worth about $120-150/runninghr, plus the cost of the operator per hours? Or would you charge a certain amount to have the machine on site, and then an hourly rate when it's running on top of that?

    4. For dirt spreading, I'm thinking of charging a markup for each load, plus labor for spreading, like $40-60/hr for each man, how does this sound?

    5. For the design, we'd need to hire a designer. Reason being, I didn't go to school for design yet, and I think this will be the better route. So, when he sends me the bill for his work, do I do a markup to cover my expenses of meeting with him and such as well? Seems like it would be fair to, because it takes gas to drive around and meet with him.

    Thanks to anyone for helping me out,
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    No one has any advice? lol Every bit will help.
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    Shoot me a p.m. & I can help you out with pricing.

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