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    Whether you are just starting your business part-time as a solo operator or you have been in business for several years with more employees, trucks and equipment than you know what to do with, the Complete Lawn & Landscape Templates and Forms Kit is exactly what you have been looking for and need. This is a 2-disk set (which is also available for immediate download via email) that contains everything you could think of that you would possibly need for your business and more! It will assist you in starting a business, growing a business, operating a business successfully, and allow you to make the kind of money as a business owner you have been hoping for.


    This never offered before, all-inclusive 2-disk set has everything you could imagine. It will save you countless hours, not to mention money! You do not have to worry about creating letters, proposals, contracts, flyers, door hangers, invoices, estimates, and much more ever again! It is all right here for you to use time and time again. You can even compare what you have created to these templates and combine the two to make the form that best suits your needs.


    We took every possible form or written item you will ever need for your business and created it for you. These are not generic, run of the mill examples either. Every form and template contained in this offer has been used successfully time and time again – and now you can benefit from it! All of the forms are in word or excel format and saved on a disk. All you need to do is pop the disk in your computer, make any needed changes or additions, save it as your own and print it out as if you created it on your own! It’s that easy!


    There has never been anything this comprehensive offered in the lawn and landscape industry before! We have offered several individual pieces of this set over the years with great success. But now we have updated, modified, and added to each set for your convenience. You will not be able to find a more complete, detailed, easy to use set of these much needed forms and templates for growing a successful business!


    “I was always confident in my ability to do the work, I was just never very good at putting it on paper and presenting it to my potential customer. Your proposal and estimates have changed that. Now I know I can present my services with confidence.”

    - Tim McCarten, Indianapolis, IN

    “I have never liked using the phone and I refused to hire someone just to keep in touch with my customers. Your letters now make it possible for me to contact them and keep contact with them. The collection letter and raising prices letter are worth to me what I paid for all the letters. Thanks a million!!!”

    - Scott Watson, Uniontown, PA

    “I have to laugh at myself when I think of how I was bidding my work before I read your estimating and bidding section of your kit. I can’t believe I am still in business considering I barely ever covered my expenses. Now I know I am making a profit or I don’t take the job – PERIOD!”

    - Edwin Young, Tampa, FL

    “I went to a few printers and Kinkos to have advertising materials made. Way too much money for me since I am just starting out. Found your marketing kit and I have it all right in front of me for less than just one set of cheap flyers would have cost. I am using everything at once now – door hangers, flyers, letters, newspaper ad, and I hope you don’t mind but I gave them to my brother to use in Wisconsin as well.”

    - Brian Culley, Minneapolis, MN

    “You saved me! So I had to write thanking you. My husband and I had one day to submit a bid on a commercial property we really wanted. We ordered your proposal, cover letter, and contract and got it through email in minutes. We scrapped our proposal and used your example. They were so impressed we nailed them down on the spot because we also had your contract example – they signed it right there at the meeting! Thank you for doing what you do. Our business just doubled because of your information!”

    - Tammy Marciniak, Chicago, IL


    Believe it or not, but everything you see listed below is contained on this 2-disk set for you to use as your own!

    Proposals, Estimates, & Contracts… Now you can submit your proposals and estimates with confidence. These winning examples have worked successfully for business owners all over the country! There are also examples of contracts you can use to avoid the costly hassle of an attorney creating something for you. Below are the different examples…

    Commercial Property Proposal Cover Letter, Detailed Commercial Property Proposal, Proposal Follow-Up Letter, Proposal Follow-Up Letter #2, Residential Proposal Letter, Simple Estimate Example, Estimate & Contract In One, Detailed Commercial Contract, Contract Example #2, Non-Compete Agreement, Subcontractor Agreement

    Estimating For Profit Tutorial… This is something special. If you are not sure how to properly price your services or never really learned the true and accurate way in which to estimate, this multi-page manual is something you will cherish!

    This tutorial contains a detailed, easy to read and understand description of how to determine your fixed and variable expenses so you are able to recover your expenses and bid for profit. It shows you how to understand your time so you can place an accurate and competitive price tag on your services. It also shows you how to make certain you never lose money on any job you bid. There are expense charts, easy to follow step-by-step calculations, and examples on how to bid mowing jobs and how to bid jobs with materials. We also included a detailed chart of accounts with numbers plugged in so you can see how to determine your monthly profit and loss. This tutorial alone is worth the price of the 2-disk set!!!

    21 Successful Letter Examples… All of these letters contain a letterhead, date, title, salutation, body and closing. All you have to do is change names, addresses, and the date and the letter is ready to send! Here are the titles of the letters…

    Announcing A New Service, Cancellation of Service, Collection Letter, Commercial Property Inquiry, Customer Survey, Don’t Forget Letter, Getting New Clients, Happy Holidays, How Are We Doing, Meet With Me, Monthly Payment Options, New Season, Press Release Example, Raising Prices, Referrals From Clients, Simple Thank You,
    Spring Is Here, Thanks To Employee, VIP Client, We Want You Back, Welcome To The Neighborhood

    Forms For Your Business… These are forms and examples you will need for your business both for advertising and management purposes. Below are examples…

    Business Card Example, Newspaper Ad Example, Fax Cover Sheet Example, Invoice Example, Letter Head Example, Daily Route Sheet Example, Truck Sign Example, Yard Sign Example, Accounts Receivables & Payable Chart Example

    Door Hangers, Flyers, & Leave Behinds… If you are going to successfully advertise your business you need to get the word out effectively. There is no better cost-effective way to do so besides door hangers, flyers, and leave behinds. Below are examples…

    Mowing Door Hanger Example #1, Mowing Door Hanger Example #2, Complete Service Door Hanger Example, Mowing Flyer with Price Example #1, Free Estimates Flyer Example #2, Complete Services Flyer with Discount Offered, Introduction Flyer In Letter Format with Logo, We Will Be Stopping By Leave Behind Example, We Service Your Neighbor Leave Behind Example

    Employee Forms… If you have employees or are considering hiring employees these forms will make your life just a little easier! Below are the examples

    Detailed Employment Application, Employee Time Sheet Example, Employee Warning Notice, Employee Time-Off Request Form

    Customer Profile Kit… If you want to be a customer service expert you need to know your clients as well as possible. This kit is the most effective way to learn about your clients and show them you care about them. It is a great thing to have on file for reference. Below are examples…

    Customer Concern Letter, Filled-In Customer Profile Questions and Answers Example, Blank Customer Profile Question and Answer Sheet, Your Company Information Sheet Example


    If you order now, you can receive the 2-disk set for only $89.00 – that is almost $80 off the suggested retail price. The time you will save and the money you will make with this set will far exceed our asking price the first day you use them!


    You have the option to go online to our secure ordering web site at and order with credit card and receive all of the forms and templates via email instantly! You will also save $4 for shipping and handling! Or you can choose to receive the 2-disk set in the mail shipped first class priority mail!
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