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    Re: John Deere Landscapes - do others agree it's a great place?

    Re: starter fertilizer, assumed it would stay in the ground till spring, improve the health of the lawn.. guess not

    Re: blowing leaves away, there is a wooded area that belongs to the town adjacent to my property - everyone blows their leaves there. Then, magically with a week, they disappear - do lawn professionals take them to convert into a natural fertilizer? The deer eat them? They disintegrate real fast? That's a big mystery to me.

    Re: grass won't grown without sun: oh-oh.. My backyard is very shady, I might be in trouble...barren spots around trees look ugly, do I plant something there instead? Fill it up with mulch? Not ready to cut a lot of the branches on the trees: expensive plus love that shade.

    Re: irrigation system: on the front, sprinkler with a hose cover 50% of the area, one the back, 25%. In other words, let me pay off that new mower first before getting a sprinkler system :)

    Re: slice seeder - any particular model you could recommend? Is a fiberglass handle rake a good tool for dethatching, or it doesn't dig in deep enough?

    Again, thank you all for your responses!

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