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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by heybruck34, Jan 18, 2002.

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    Hey everyone-

    Some of you may remember giving me advice on buying a used walkbehind. Ya'll gave me some really good tips about making sure a dealer was close to me and other good things to consider.
    This site really was a big help.

    I ended up buying a well used SCAG 48 belt drive with the 14 Kawasaki. It was really rusty and worn with two flat tires. I paid $450 for it with an extra transmission. I'll try to post some pictures so you can see before and after.

    I got the engine running after about an hour- the carb needed a rebuild. After that I tore it all apart and sandblasted the entire frame, deck, cover and deflector. A buddy of mine owns a body shop and I painted it there. As I was doing this I was rebuilding the spindles and ordering new parts and assembling as much as I could. As of today, I think I am about 95% done. I have some adjustments to do and will rebuild my extra transmission so I can make sure that it's perfect. The total bill is about $ 1200 and it took me about 2 months (I'm a full-time public tax accountant).

    Hopefully ya'll can look at the pictures. If not and you still want to see em- send me an email and I'll attach them. Or if anyone needs some advice on tackling a project like this let me know. I sure learned a lot! Thanks again everyone. If you have any SCAG 48 wb questions- lemme know- I probably can answer them!

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    AFTER !!!!

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    I have been working on an old Gilson Senstion. It's painted and I'm working on puting it back together. I hope it turns out as nice as yours.
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    I don't know if you got my email or not. I am actually rebuilding the exact same mower right now. Mine looked as rough as yours if not a little more. The engine is fairly new and the transmission seems to be in good shape. I currently have the deck and wheels off for sandblasting and repainting. I think that I am going to leave the engine on the frame for now and wait a year to paint that. I noticed that you rebuilt the spindles yourself. How hard is that? I have one bad spindle and I am considering either rebuilding or replacing. I am really enjoying this project. The nice thing is they are simple and easy to fix. Yours looks great and I hope to have mine look as good by spring.
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  8. When repainting something that was rusty I use a rust converter.
    After I have either ground it down to bare metal or sand blasted it, this stuff will find rust and turn it black. It doesn't turn black on new metal. Just metal that's been pitted. It stops rust from bubbling up under the paint.

    The brand I have right now is made by Loctite.
    It's called "EXTEND Rust Neutralizer"
    A 10.25 oz.aerosol can is about $5-6.
    Loctite also sells something called "Rust Inhibitor" which is just primer, so you have to watch it.

    Naval Jelley sells a version of it too, but Loews quit carrying it.

    The stuff is kind of a PITA to use, aerosol cans won't go on even. But even if this stuff was availavle bulk, you wouldn't want it in your spray gun. The fumes will choke you too. Use it instead of a prime coat.

    When you spray it on that bare metal and see the little pinhole rust pockets start to turn black you'll know it was the right thing to do. Kind of like $6 worth of insurance.

    Here's a picture of a mower that I dismantled, sandblasted the decks and wheels and treated with rust converter. I've done a couple of others too.


    howard 4x6~1.jpg
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    OK Haggerty- you WIN! haha

    A friend of the family owns a body shop so I did all that work over there. He's got a pro sandblaster that I used.

    I sandblasted all the rust off but before we hung everything in the paintbooth and used etch on it. It does exactly what you described except you shoot it through one of the regular paint guns. Then we sprayed it with some other kind of primer- I forget what it was. Lastly we shot about 3 coats of acrylic enamel. I'm not sure how this paint will hold up but it looks real good. I'm not concerned about looks as much as not rusting. I was real adamant about doing stuff myself so I got some drips and some spots were wetter than others so the paint is a little uneven. Hey- plenty good enough for me!
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    Good Job

    Now I know where to send my old rusty stuff!!!!!

    Looks good there

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