Complete Yard Renovation! PLease Help!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by TrpD345, Aug 27, 2006.

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    I have been reading on here for awhile and have learned alot about mowing and so forth. I am going to completely re-do my own yard. What are the steps to take. It is infested with wire grass right now and what is not wire grass is bare spots. I have a tractor, box scrape w/hydraulic teeth, a bucket on the front, a 25 gallon sprayer that is mounted to a 4-wheeler that we spray Round-up on soy beans with, and I have access to a rotary tiller and culti-packer. How should I go about it? Are there any good books to read to learn how to properly maintain and grow a yard? I was going to spray my yard with Round-Up and then wait a couple of weeks and spray again. Then when I get sufficient moisture till it up. Is this ok? How deep does it need to be tilled? I am sure I will have more questions. Thanks!
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    Call Turfco at 800-679-8201 and ask for the books on Overseeding. How to get started in overseeding and Can I restore my lawn? or you can go to the Turfco Web site and see them at then click on the Lawncare icon and find the literature available.

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