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So I was thinking today about a compliment I received from a customer of mine back in June and thought I would share it with all of you. Before I tell you the moral of the story I’ll say just a few things about my background. I’m 17 (16 at the time) and go to a few different camps throughout the summer and still have 7 normal customers and then I cover 18 yards for a friend in the fall. With that being said I sent a letter to all of my customers telling them that I wouldn’t be coming on the normal days for the next few weeks. At most I was off by 2 days from my normal schedule. So this letter was just an informational letter. Two days after it went in the mail one of my customers called my house (witch I don’t know how he got the number). My mom answered the phone and talk to him for a minute or two. She then yelled downstairs to me and said “Matt do you know who that was on the phone?” I said no. She said “It was Steve, the guy you mow for.” so I went upstairs to figure out why he called my house. My mom they told me “He called and ask for dad but I told him that he wasn’t home and he asks if I was your mother and I said yes. He then told me” “Whatever you’re teaching your son…keep doing it.” He then went on to tell her a few more compliments and why he was calling. Then the next day I received a text message from him that said “Matt, I want to let you know that the letter you sent was extremely professional. It shows commitment and responsibility. You will be very successful in life.” This message is coming from a person very high up in a well known bank. After this I felt really good.:walking:

Please feel free to add any compliments you’ve received in the past.


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Keep up the excellent work. thats awesome