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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by JDUtah, Apr 24, 2009.

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    Yes, that is all true and have the same problems at times. My concern is why mess with the compost? The compost should do its job in the soil naturally without being altered by massive urea inputs b4 it is applied to soil.
    When I need more N that I can't get quickly enough from natural sources I just used a cheap bag of synthetic 46-0-0 slow release.

    Any applications of compost need to be used as compost applications not as super-boosters of N. IMO.
    The important question to me is: "Does altered compost effect the soil structure changes we have come to expect from compost?"

    Compost is NOT a fertilizer pre se, it is best as a soil conditioner, balancer, microbe feed, soil structure builder, CE site provider and slow release fert, in my view, but I could be wrong. :) That is why I raise the questions that may be overlooked.
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    I also wonder how a urea/compost mix could possibly be spread in a even enough manner to have a uniform greening?
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    You only apply about half a ton compost per acre?

    25lbs per k is what you said in your post. Is this for maintenance or initial app? Maybe at 25lbs per 100sqft would be more effective, that would give you an 1/8 ton per k.
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    They are growing steadily. Less than an inch per week. Gotta remember that most (like 90%) of the N in the compost is non soluble, so as far as N growth, it is seeing .69 lbs N.

    I am balancing the two.. university studies... and customer expectations.
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    Again, I am balancing customer expectations with healthy systems. Remember I am new this year. A LOT of the customers I have picked up called me because their lawn wasn't greening up like the neighbors. They wanted it green, and fast.

    Over time I will get it rolling on its own.. but I am hunting for a referral/testimonial system now, and will use what I have to to get the lawn to perform.
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    I understand that, but you must admit, I am doing better than the guy that doesn't care at all, and just throws whatever down as long as does (or even doesn't) get the lawn green.

    "Do not let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do"
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    I see compost blends as a very effective form of fertilizing. Not only are you adding the mineral N, you are adding the CE sites with it, and the microbes that will pull the N right into the soil food web... and by pre mixing, you are maximizing the quantity of ions attached to the OM... and by premixing, your applicators (who get paid more than the shop tech) are spending less time on the property... etc.

    If it compost/fert mixing wasn't an effective way of doing it, Barry would not be getting such rave reviews with his stuff from the guys in the chem forum.

    Also remember, I plan on using blood meals, etc over the urea... but for now urea is my supply.
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    Yes, 25 lbs dry per K... is my goal. This equates to 40 lbs of actual compost per K.

    There are reasons that I apply at my rate.
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    So far so good :)
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    That is 6 posts in a row .... you are banned for 1 day.

    40 lbs at what % moisture?

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