Compost Organic Lawncare vs. Organic Fertilizer L/C

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by c2weech, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Kiril

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    That is not the question I asked Barry. I can also fit a 20 bag of compost on the seat of my truck for considerably less than the cost of the product you mentioned. What is the cost comparison on a equivalent volume basis per 1000? You can forget about the shipping if you want.
  2. phasthound

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    Reread my post.
  3. Kiril

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    I'll just make some assumptions so we can get a comparison.

    Compost at $35/yard ~= $1.30 per cubic foot.

    Assuming a 50 lb bag is 1.5 cubic feet, that is 18 bags/yard of product.

    The cost of 18 bags of product using the price provide ($8.50/50 lb bag) = $153

    Net cost difference on a volume basis = $118 more expensive for the bagged product per yard of product.
  4. phasthound

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    Appling the product I mentioned at 20lbs/k will produce the same healthy green turf that is as drought tolerant and disease resistant as applying 0.8yds/k of compost.

    Compost is great, no doubt about it. I know it can be a good choice for some smaller LCOs. Will the lawn care industry embrace it as standard procedure. I don't see that happening.
  5. dishboy

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    I'm thinking 20 lbs is good for around 10-14 weeks then it's a do over. I think the compost @ 1/4" would have longer legs , don't you? Personally I would be all over the compost if I had the appropriate spreader and access to a quality compost that allowed me to compete with myself.
  6. Kiril

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    You can't be serious Barry? The product you mentioned is compost .... the product I mentioned is compost. How can you say 20 lbs of your compost product will perform any better or worse than 20 pounds of my compost product? Also, I am curious if you willing to put that "guarantee" in writing? If you are you might have a new client.

    Furthermore, why would anyone in their right mind try to compare less than 1 cubic foot of compost to more than 21 cubic feet of compost? It is a disingenuous comparison at best.
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  7. phasthound

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    Twice a year at this rate works well. Again, bulk compost does a great job, but it is far too costly and labor intensive for the overwhelming majority of LCOs. I'm only aware of smaller companies doing compost topdressing.
  8. Kiril

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    As I demonstrated in my price break down, when applying the two products at the same rate, it is considerably more expensive to use a bagged product over a bulk product.

    In order for you to just break even, you would need to realize a savings in labor that is equivalent to the difference in cost. IMO, the difference in labor to apply 20 lbs of a pellet product vs. 20 lbs of a non-pellet product is negligible and you will not make up that difference in cost between the two products.
  9. c2weech

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    Thanks for the post and getting the debate back on track. I stopped reading with all the name calling and bickering that was going on.

    Just to get more facts on the topic is there talk of Organic Fertilizers in the fertilization forum?

    I love the idea behind the compost Soil health management and am going to implement it this year on my parents lawn as a test pilot.

    Though I am still leery of the business feasibility of it and want more info on organic ferts. aspect.
  10. phasthound

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    True, but that is not what my discussion is about.

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