compost slurry?

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    When the hell did I post that???? Actually I remember posting it, but not where or why. So, again, to reiterate my position on the organics vs. synthetics argument: I am firmly in the organics corner. I have taken it upon myself to make it an easy decision for customers in my area to want to go organic. If I can overcome their objections and worries with my organic programs, then selling against the other guys will be a piece of cake. I don't fault people for wanting that beautiful lawn, heck, I want it too. So with that in mind, I have set about to create those lawns with an organic approach. If that means synthetics with my organics, then so be it. In doing this, I have already cut out a lot of the problems, and ultimately, I will remove all of the synthetics. One step at a time guys. Lets perfect our programs, and make them scaleable, and then we can conquer the world!!!
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    Thank you HayBay for straightening that out. I have no trouble with those statements. I am a firm believer in pulling/scorching the weeds one does not want and employing methods to outgrow them with other plants. I do like clover. I think it would be productive if people grew mushrooms in their lawns, as this promotes nutrient exchange and soil O2. Of course it would make sense to seed edible varieties.

    I'm pretty sure the reason people purchase the microbulator is because it is comparitively inexpensive and it does extract and multiply compost microorganisms efficiently. It is probably the best available for this. How many other compost tea manufacturers are able to post video footage of the microbes extracted and multiplied at specific time ranges?

    One reason for this efficiency is the use of an air lift which can increase the dissolved oxygen capacity of a pump ten fold.

    I am sorry that you are so bitter about herbicides.
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    I have seen them load 1 yard in a 750 gallon hydro seeder many times for stream restoration, they blow it on the sides of the river bank

    for a hydro seed application you are probably right the slurry would be a bit thick

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    300 gal jet machine 50 to 75 lbs of compost max any more get the shovel out
    i have also shot buff stuf out of the jet with good success
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    Along the same lines... has anybody used a bark blower for top dressing with compost?
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    My buddy John Engwar over at groundscapes express does it all of the time
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    Any pics of what this whitish lawn looks like...?

    I'm currently experimenting with molasses on my lawn that has 3/4 of thatch. It was that way when I moved here last October along with fairy ring. Fairy ring is a darker green currently. Temps are still high upper 80's 90's so I haven't put down any fert since May.

    Neighbor was actually in charge of the lawn at this house prior to my move here October of 2010 and he told me I'm over watering since I have mushrooms....?

    His logic is less water = less mushrooms. ;)

    Is this not right up there with wet sidewalks cause rain....:confused:
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    Depending on the kind of mushroom 'too much' is hard to judge... while it is true that mushrooms don't usually pop up in dry conditions, they can still pop up in moderate conditions...

    the best way to solve the water issue is to open up the soil or pull a plug after irrigation and see where the water is... Just as a rule of thumb in cooler weather, it is best to let the surface dry thoroughly for several days b4 watering again...
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    Yes ...I only cycle sprinklers 2 times a week of that...grass is mowed at 3.5"...then I run one of.the old Nelson lawn tractors for complete watering once a week for complete deep watering. Still in the 80's and 90's here....

    Mushrooms are feed by breakdown of OM correct?
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    Yes, they do consume OM to its final destination. all of you irrigation should be 'deep watering'... the question is: when it the water so deep it is wasted from that point on...

    .25" of water on sand every other day may be a deep watering because it soaks up the top foot of ground in a matter of minutes.

    In heavier soils .5" may still be a shallow watering because it percolates so slowly that it may have t be spread over a 2 day period giving it a chance to soak in... a big problem with puddled surfaces is that all the water is put down at once and most of it evaporates, while the root zone is lacking... that is why looking into the soil depth is valuable, i making a judgement...

    3 times a week is generally a lot... :)

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