Compost spreader?


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I use a 5-gallon bucket and my hand. I find this to be quite efficient for spreading anything that won't work in my broadcast spreader. I can put a truckload of compost onto a 1500ft lawn prettty evenly in less than an hour. It is very satisfying to me to apply organic materials by hand.

There are spreaders that can supposedly put down just about anything. I have not used one. They are expensive. Here is a link to the Spyker Mulch-n-More spreader at A.M.Leonard ($582):
They also have this in a tow version.
I'm not sure what a "compost spreader" is, but I suspect this is like a cylinder with holes in it.


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The cylinders with holes in them don't work. Even if you prescreen the stuff going in, they plug up from the inside. I've never seen a spreader that worked that was practical for small areas. If you are doing sports fields, you might look at farm implements used for slinging manure. Generally they have a conveyer belt that drags compost from the bottom of a hopper and drops it into a whirlygig to throw it out.

Or you could look at using something like a hydromulcher or the machine they use to blow insulation into walls. Those things can blow some very serious quantities in a very short time.

I've also heard of people putting the familiar small piles in the yard and hitting them with a leaf blower to spread.


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I have a Cushamn 3 wheel truckster I use for my business. Three years ago I bought a Cushman topdresser unit for it (used $2000) and it works great. I actually spread Earthmate, Phila. PA product, by the acre. Does a great job after aerating and seeding a lawn. Helps keep the young seedlings from drying out but also improves the soil characteristics.

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Judging by the lack of response to this thread about available soil/manure compost spreaders, there is either a lack of interest in compost spreading or this is simply an area in the green industry market that is still waiting to be tapped.
I think there is interest in the idea of compost spreading. I my-self could sell a ton of top-dressing work if I had a spreader but there just does not seem to be a device on the market that is affordable and practical.



My favorite subject! There are a few excellent treads on composting. Some might be doubles.

Here are some pics of my gear for topdressing.

Craig, check out my topdressor. Yes they are expensive but they do an excellent job and will last a very long time. Mine is between 20 and 25 yrs old. Used ones are available from golf courses.



Here is an 8000 sq ft job that we topdressed. It is several days later and the topdressing is disappearing. In the background, (3000 sq ft) the lawn was so bad we rotadaironed it. Over 40 yards of compost and soil went into this job. Took two of us most of the morning. We cleaned up and set up the sprinklers in the afternoon. The tractor is great for loading the topdressor.

30 yrds used to take two days and three guys.

finished tiny.jpg