Compost tea sprayers?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by RobertCT, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. RobertCT

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    Can anyone suggest an affordable compost tea sprayer for a large lawn ( approx 2.5 - 3 acres). I checked - www. - but they only have a hand held 4 gal. Hudson for around $100, then the prices jump into the thousands for commercial grade with nothing in between. I know compost tea use is evolving, but you would think some company could come up with an affordable tow behind sprayer for the garden tractor or similar set-up under a grand for large lawns?

    I'm told the compost tea sprayers need larger pumps with appropriate seals to work properly, and cannot be applied with conventional spraying equipment.


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    i use skid sprayers
    u need the power and pressure with a good screen and i still get cloged nozels now and then

  3. RobertCT

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    Your Lesco equipment looks first rate, but is more than I need. Ideally. I would like a mini version I could mount on the back of my 1955 Red-E (a pony tractor similar to the old power kings). Once fitted, I'd like to drive & spray with a shut off reachable from the operator seat. Rittenhouse sells a sprayer that fits to the back of an ATV that looks the part with small size tank, pumps & boom sprayer, but is not suitable for the demands of Compost Tea. I'd also consider using a hand held wand so long as I could operate it from the tractor.

    Maybe Compost tea is too new to the general public and hasn't created a strong enough demand for the size equipment I want?
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    Lesco has a small unit like you describe...I would estimate around $300 and it can be battery run or you could hook it to your tractor. Northern Hydralics web site sells a version.

    go to
  5. Dchall_San_Antonio

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    Here's one at Northern Tools by Agri-Fab. I'm sure there are others.

    I know a lady who sprays over 100 gallons per day about 300 days per year. I think she qualifies as an expert. She filters her compost going into the tea but doesn't filter any more after that. Her nozzle doesn't clog because she uses a #20 nozzle. Basically that's like a gaping hole in your tank more than a nozzle. She directs the spray at a steel plate angled at 45 degrees so that it spreads out. She has to drive fast to get the tea sprayed out on the acreage she needs to cover.
  6. RobertCT

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    Dave - Thanks for the link. Has anyone used the equipment from northerntool for compost tea? The site does not mention tea use. Also, I found another site at that has a sprayer specially for compost tea that may do the trick. Please keep the suggestions coming.
  7. Garth

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  8. ed2hess

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    I strain through cheese cloth when I put it in back packs and they don't clog.
    Go to and ask them what they use for large farms.
  9. FLD

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    David - the Tee Jet XP Boomjet nozzle is the best we have found. It is listed under http:/ #1/4XP20 will spray 1.42 gal@20psi, at 24" it sprays 9' wide @ 4mph that 19.5 gpa. We have not haqd any problems with these clogging.
  10. RobertCT

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    OK - I posted a new thread with results of my research on both sprayers & tea makers. I believe the sprayer manufacture "Spotlyte" uses the Teejet nozzles on their products ( teejet does not make spraying units, only parts)

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