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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Compostwerks LLC, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Hi Folks;

    We are hosting an excellent all day workshop on Wednesday, February 16th. It's geared towards people with some experince, but beginners and experienced applicators will benefit as well.

    It's all about compost technology, compost tea and soil biology. Learn how to begin implementing a valuable service in your business without using pesticides or pertoleum based fertilizers.

    Bring your soil and compost samples for a group interpretation and discussion based upon direct microscopy methods. Feel free to bring your microscope, but it's not required.

    The next Workshop will be held at Brookyn Botanic Garden on March 18. As soon as details are released I will post them.

    Thanks for having a look....Peter
  2. HA! It would help if I could actually spell technology! it.

    ...the price I pay for typing in the darkness:sleeping:
  3. starry night

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    You hid behind a rock just in time to avoid the Spelling Posse riding by.

    Too bad your workshop is so far from me. I'm afraid the East Coast is way ahead of the Midwest in using compost.
  4. Thank the heavens I've warded off the spelling police!

    NYC is a bit closer but still about 6-9 hours away.

    We're laying the ground work on planning on a workshop in Chicago sometime in the summer. Once we have it mapped out, I'll be sure to post it here.
  5. starry night

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    Columbus is beautiful ......... especially this time of year.
  6. jonthepain

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    I'd love to go, and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is big on organics, but it's a long trip from Raleigh and money is tight this year.

    Maybe if I get a windfall I'll come up for that. I still have a lot of friends in Jersey that I'd like to see again.
  7. Hello all;

    I just wanted to let you know that we have a snow date for the workshop which is Friday, February 25th.

    We realize that some people may be coming a considerable distance to the conference center or involved with snow removal.

    At this point, we're getting quite a few attendees signing up. There is room for only 50 people at the conference center.

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