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compost/topdress spreaders...



Yardley, PA.
Originally posted by trying 2b organic
That roller doesnt work which is why no-one uses it.

Based on............? I'd like to hear more.

Big thread int the organics section about the latest topdressing equipment.

You mean the big thread with 5 posts? ;-) (just messing with ya).
Seriously, I saw it, but there really isn't much info there (yet anyway). It mentions mulch blower trucks, and a w/b push spreader which is even smaller then the one I linked above, and very expensive.

I was looking for something bigger then a 100lb hopper, but smaller then a tow behind Earth & Turf type unit. Something in the middle.

Ryan Lightning

LawnSite Senior Member
I have one just like that, and It worked perfect for me. I used it to top dress lawns I seeded last fall, with forest humus it will put it down at about 1/2 yard per thousand. It doesnt take long to cover small 1-4 thousand sqft lawns. Im going to try it with some compost in the next few weeks to top dress a bermuda lawn. Ill let you know how it works, and snap a few pics.


Yardley, PA.
Ryan, that sounds good. Would definately like to see some pics of the process and the results.

Where did you buy yours? Is that a good price on that link I posted ($109)?.

Any info about the whole process is appreciated. Thanks.

BTW trying 2b organic, I went back to that forum and saw a bigger thread on the topic. I saw the link you provided to the spreader, but when I tried to e-mail them for more info, it bounced back to me. Can you tell me anything about the spreader, price, suppliers??? Thanks!


LawnSite Gold Member
A2, Michigan
That email for more info doesn't work. Try sending an email to one of the other addresses listed in the contacts section. That's what I did and they responded. The cost is going to be around $900 canadian, and it will be ready later this year. They are willing to ship. Problem is, as someone pointed out to me, it is designed to spread their compost which is drier and finer than regular compost. I'm not sure if it will work for wetter, clumpy compost.

I am interested to know about this drum thingy, and if it works as well.


LawnSite Senior Member
gogetter, I have been using those compost roller's since I started the biz 10 years ago. I have a 24" & 48" roller's. When they first came out they were for the homeowner to use and they were made cheap. The one's I got are thicker metal and are doing well as of this day. I cover alot of lawn quickly.


LawnSite Member
Hey twwlawn

Where is a good place to get the heavier compost rollers from like you mentioned. I would like to try doing a few lawns to see the results of doing a compost topdressing.

craigs lawncare

LawnSite Senior Member
Great thread...
I wonder how well it works for clumpier compost as well.
A bigger one with a more open mesh/screen would seem like it would be better to me.

Craig :)
Originally posted by mtdman
Problem is, as someone pointed out to me, it is designed to spread their compost which is drier and finer than regular compost. I'm not sure if it will work for wetter, clumpy compost.
I think that's the difference. Different spreaders for different composts.
I've used my Earth & Turf spreader on a small residential lawn. The lawn needed MAJOR improvement.
I spread the cheap clumpy compost at a rate of 1Ton per 1,000 sq. ft.
A renovation type of thing. Core aerated the heck out of it. It looked good last fall. Havn't seen it yet this spring.

I've priced some of the finer ground and better smelling composts and they're not for what I'm trying to accomplish. They're for quality, well established lawns.

If you're trying to rejuvenate a neglected weed patch, you'll need volumes of coarse ground organic matter etc. to amend the top layer of soil.
I havn't seen anything smaller than the Earth & Turf that'll handle that kind of compost.