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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by trying 2b organic, Jun 15, 2004.

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    I over-seeded a lawn with top quality compost. I must have done it just as the black medic was comming up. It went nuts with the compost and took over the whole lawn. It covered the grass faster than the grass could come up.

    Topdressed at 1 yd per k. Certified #1 Perrenial Rye at 7 lbs per k. Lawn was quite weedy, this was to be a renovation. I told the customer that the black medic will fade ( just like the chickweed and cranesbill did before it) and when it does proper watering will let the new grass come up.

    I assume my timing was off, that overseeding esp when topdressing should be done when its too cold for weeds to be at thier peak but still ok for growing grass, ie. early spring and fall. That it was too late in the spring and the compost became weed food. Plz tell me your results with overseeding and topdressing very weedy lawns. (with and without pesticides, mine was without)
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    I have never topdressed. For a really weedy lawn I try to wipe it out with the vinegar, aerate it 5-6 times, then I verticut endophytic seeds into the lawn at a rate of 8#'s/1000. I would like to try topdressing to see if the results are faster. I'm not sure how good it is to drown a yard with 10 gallons of vinegar either. Sometimes I wonder if spraying a "trikill" on the property one time and then switch client to 100% organic is a better way. Maybe it's a better option to get people off pesticides, rather than have a clients switch back to the companies that use pesticides annually with no end in site.
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    You gotta be kiddin' me!!!!

    It's not a good thing to do!

    trying 2b organic...did you aerate prior to topdressing? There are LIQUID fish ferts that contain N that one can use.....
    What I'm tryin' to say is did you do your lawn rene' with good CULTURAL METHODS?
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    If the lawn was really weedy it may have been better to renovate rather than topdress and overseed. If the lawn is 30 - 50 % weeds it may be easier to reno.
    For fairly weedy lawns, we either hand pull or weed spray before topdressing and overseeding. This gives the new seeds space to grow and limits competition. If you want to be "organic" eventually you make have to spray at the outset to get things going in the right direction.
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    Panzer, I have a 3 gallon backpack sprayer, and filling it up 3 times to spray 3000 ft2 isn't that much! I can usually spray 3 gallons per 1500 ft2 +/-. By the way I usually dilute the product 3-1.
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    If we have a yard that is over 30% weeds we will renovate, and put sod down before starting an organic program. This I know is different from what you guys do up in the Northern States were most all of your grassing is done with seeding. However, that 30% of weed coverage holds true in the south, north, west, and east.

    Next time if you are not for sure call us. We can help you out on all your problems. There is no problem in the landscape that we do not have a biological / organic solution for.

    Cenlo would like to know the sqft of the area you treated with 10 gallons of vinegar.


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    Here is a puzzle
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