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  1. mikeshere89

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    i was talking to a guy from iowa gro which is a compost company and he showed me a sample of his compost, it didnt have an odor to it all, i mentioned this to him and he said if it smells there is something wrong with it. now i used compost last fall as a top dressing and it worked great, early green up and the grass didnt get that brown throu the winter, is he right is the compost im using not good to use. or is he just trying to sell me his at 60 bucks a yard? compared to 7 dollars a yard at the compost facility
  2. rkk95

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    I would stick with the $7 per yard compost, I haven't used much of it, but every time that I did, it worked, and it didn't smell very good at all. I prefer hydro seeding any day.
  3. Ric

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    Smell is from anaerobic decomposition as soon as it is spread it will get oxygen and lose it's smell.

    $ 53.00 difference is not worth the money

    His compost is turned to allow aerobic decomposition which is faster and a little better but not $ 53.00 worth better
  4. hustlers

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    Make your own.

    I mix ground up leaves, grass Clippings, and old compost with lots of microbes, worms, etc.

    Through a bag of High N fertilizer if im lacking in green material. Maybe add some lime.

    Turn it once a week for about 4-8 weeks and there you go
    nice pretty and good smelling compost, mix that with some
    sand you got some nice soil. perfect for grass or garden

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