Compression Problem?


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I have a Toro Proline 5.5 engine that is giving me some problems. Sometimes when I go to pull start it, I about turn the mower over physically. It feels like the compression is way high(Really hard to pull). If I pull slowly through this rough part, I can start it. I have adjusted the valves and that didn't seem to help. Any suggestions?


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I had a Kawasaki 5hp 21" mower that did the same thing. The dealer told me that the problem was unburned gas was in the cylinder. I can't remember how it was fixed(sorry). I don't have that mower any more.


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Columbus Ga
My buddy brought his toro over to me one afternoon with the same problem pull the plug pour out the gas ..drop the carb
bowl. take out the needle. squirt some carb cleaner in to the seat and blow out the trash ,clean the bowl ,reinstall and
start cutting again hope this does it. easy fix.and change the fuel filter if yo dont have one on it put one on it.