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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DMAN, Feb 26, 2003.

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    I have obtained a list of names from my countys recorder of deeds website and i was wondering if anyone knows how to take the names i printed out from the site and put them into a word database without me manually entering each name into the database from the printed sheets?
    Can i scan the sheets and then create the database in word? The county does not have a downloadable site. I assume this might have to be done by manually entering each name from the lists to the spreadsheet. I will be creating a form letter in Word with a mail merge.Any help would be appreciated!!

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    Scanning them in is easy enough. You may want to try to scan them into both a word document as well as a spreadsheet document. The database will read the spreadsheet information. The only problem I have had with doing this is that too much info had to be reformatted in order to fit. When you scan, you must scan the information in as text; not as a picture. Here is where the problems enter in your (my) computer tends to do a little too much interpretation of the information...

    Good Luck...

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