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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Indiana, May 7, 2001.

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    I am trying to restore an old aquatic pond to hold water. The pond is made from concrete and I purchased a Aquascapes kit for it a year ago.

    I cannot get it to seal around the rocks and the concrete to hold water. I recently took it apart again and put DamTite on the entire surface. I believe this will work and I am thinking I don't need the liner anymore.

    It looks good and I think it will hold water, I am going to fill it befroe reinstalling the waterfall and such. The only thing is the DamTite is white.

    Does anyone know if any water plants would grow in a pond that is white?

    I was planning on putting some decorative stone on the bottom. It is approximately 12" deep and 16x16.

    I hate this thing and have spent too much "free" time on it. It is for a real good customer. The only thing good that has come from it is that now they know I will not give up on something I start.
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    You might want to think about re-installing the Aquascapes liner in that concrete pond as added security against leaks. I haven't done any ponds yet (though I did teach Biology), but do know a little about swimming pools... my folks had a concrete pool and about once every 5 years Dad would be out there patching the concrete. Of course they had to replace the liner then, too. But my point is twofold:

    1. Concrete WILL leak. The soil shifts with the changing seasons but the concrete doesn't. Also sooner or later the acid in the soil will break it down.

    2. Even with patched concrete, pool owners use a liner. You have it, why not use it to make sure there won't be leaks?

    As for decorative stone inside the pool, that sounds like a great idea. If I'm not mistaken the Aquascapes people recommend it, and it's logical... after all, aquariums (aquaria?) have gravel in the bottom. Not only does it hold the plants down and hide the bottom, but it's an additional facet of filtration.

    Hope this helps a little,
    Barbara (aka TheMom)
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    I would say any type of plant that you would usually use in a pond would work in this one. I don't think the white bottom is going to change things much. Also, after a couple of weeks, the bottom and sides of the pond will probably be covered with a thin layer of algae, and that'll take the edge off the white.

    For future reference, when we re-do a concrete pond, we just cover the entire pond with liner and don't try to connect it to the concrete. Just something for next time.

    Hope this helps,

  4. dan deutekom

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    I once had to reline a leaking concrete pond. I had a problem with the liner lifting and floating to the surface of the pond because of ground water seeping up through the concrete and getting between the liner and the concrete. Solved the problem by digging around pond and installing big "O" perferatted drainage pipe and draining ground water away from pond
  5. Indiana

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    I went and put all my aquatic plants and fish in the pond today.

    It has been running for about two months and all is well.

    I checked the ph and it is 7.5. The guy at the plant supply said to watch it and enjoy.

    I hope so.

    So far all I have had to do is top it off once per week. Due to evaporation.

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