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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by greenred, Jun 5, 2008.

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    My father was looking at a non motorized concrete curbing machine to put some curbs in around his property. Neither of us have any experience using such a machine.

    My understanding of the machine is that it basically has a hopper with a mold at the bottom. You fill the hopper with concrete then pull it along while the mold forms the curve.

    I have not seen the machine in particular he is looking at purchasing so I can not give specific details of it and I apologize. But in general from those of you who have used such machines motorized or non motorized can you tell me if a non powered one is even practical for a residential home owner?

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    I've never used one, but I would think you would want a motorized one because the weight alone is going to be hard to pull it along.
  3. Summit L & D

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    I've seen some places renting them. However, it's not something that you're going to just "start doing" and have it look perfect. While there is not really any rocket science involved, practice is key.
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    Renting is not a bad idea, I will have to ask him if he has thought of that. The model he is looking at is $600 bucks, but two of my siblings wanted to do some on their properties so they where going to share the cost.

    I hear you on the practice is key part.
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    FWIW, the cheapest I've ever seen one of these machines is $500 at harbor frieght. I used electrical power, but I'm guessing that wasn't for the wheels but for some sort of hopper mechanism. I've obviously never used one either, but am curious. Let us know if you get one. The harbor frieght item number is 94634.
  6. greenred

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    Harbor Freight is the one he is looking at as a matter of fact. This one may use electrical power too. Unfortunately I am going on 2nd hand information from my father.
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    The Harbour Freight unit is a knock off of hte Curbmate model. We own a Curbmate electric and it works excellent. I have not seen the Harbour Freight one other than in a magazine, but if the quality is good it should work fine.

    Having said that, if you have family that want their curbing done also, do theirs first! The price of a brand name unit is about $5K, but it's the training and the support that makes it worth it. When we bought our setup, we got it used from a guy who was getting out of the business. He gave us some training, but it wasn't enough. we did several practice pours in our yard, and did several jobs for customers. After that I decided I was done with curbing. It is much more difficult to figure out than it looks. THe day I decided to give up, one of my competitors came by what was going to be our last job, and gave us some tips. He offered to take one of my guys for a couple of days and train him. I jumped on that opportunity and gladly paid his wages to work for a competitor. Since then, curbing has become fairly easy, but before that it was a nightmare!

    My advice to you is to get a quote from a local company and if you aren't going to save a lot over that, don't try it. It's like concrete, it's not an item the average homeowner should try to tackle, unless a substandard finish is acceptable to you.

    Just my opinion based on experience - hope it helps.
  8. greenred

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    Thanks for the advice. I agree with comparing the prices/quality of having it done verse buying a unit and doing it ourselves.
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