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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by impactlandscaping, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. impactlandscaping

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    Does anyone offer extruded custom concrete curbing to clients? I tried several manufacturers at EXPO last fall, and preferred Tygar's line followed by Lil Bubba equip. If you offer this, how did you go about the marketing for introduction of the service?Try to upsell existing clients, dedicated ad campaign, radio,TV,etc? No one offers this service around here, and I am thinking of getting in while the gettin's good.How about regular maint. on your machine(s), and is the ROI as good as they claim? Thanks for any and all replies..
  2. D Felix

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    If you are asking about concrete curbing as a bed edge, well, I must say that I have had no work experience with them. However, that doesn't mean I'm not entitled to an opinion, does it?:D

    IMNSHO, concrete edging has no place in residential landscapes. Not only does it look completely unnatural, I think it also looks completely tacky.

    If you have a lot of clients with the red "McDonalds" mulch (as I like to call it), then, yeah, you probably have a market for it if that's what you want to do.

    Again, IMNSHO, a natural edge looks the best in any circumstance. Not only does it look the best, it's also the easiest to change the layout of the bed in a couple of years if the client so desires. Why spend a $K or two on concrete just to rip it out in a year or two, when they can spend a couple of hundred on natural spade edge (that they won't even know they are paying for, since it generally is included in the price of the mulch) and lose less money if they want to change the look of the bed?

    Just my $1.02 worth....

  3. WeatherMan

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    Dan you hit it on the head. No need for it and will never try it
  4. OP

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    I guess I should have stated that this service would be 99% commercial oriented.IE- I hate going on site to find the concrete finishers have put 8" curbs around the ornamental and turfgrass islands.Try getting your Z up and over it without a portable wooden wedge or ramp.I would like to offer a different option to the builders around here.There is no slow down of new construction to be seen around here, plus I think this could be marketed to the local rail trail committee. They are currently using 4x4 timbers for curbstops along our rails to trails program, and could use concrete borders along some of the lower lying sections of trail close to the creek instead of bags of sand which look terrrible. Thanks for your thoughts, guys..
  5. Trim Creations

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    I have kwik curb and use it for both, and it is less labor intesive and more profitable. I ran a visual add in the paper and just word of mouth.
  6. TotalCareSolutions

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    I was recently thinking about trying to add this service as well. Don't see alot of this here...

    While I would not put it in MY landscape, I believe it is sellable and one could find market niche for this product. I would like to investigate further.
  7. Trim Creations

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  8. hosejockey2002

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    I've seen some concrete curbing in a few residential areas. It seems to crack and break up after a few years. The curbing I've seen appears to just have been laid on bare dirt. I would think you'd have to lay it on a compacted crushed rock base for it to last more than a couple years.
  9. Trim Creations

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    I put mine down on compacted sand and use a 7 sac city sand mix with fiber mesh. It seems to hold up real good. with this mix. plus its easy to finish.
  10. ksss

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    I don't do it but it is very popular here. I don't think it is appropriate on every yard but it has its place. I had my yard done this fall. I had it colored and stamped (traded work for it). turned out great. Here they get from $2.00 per linear foot up to $4.00 for the colored and stamped. If it is falling apart someone isn't doing it right. I usually see them run a plate compactor over the area first. There is no crushed gravel added. I doubt it would be necessary or practical on such curbing. Here 8 years ago they were getting up to $3.00 per foot for regular curb. There is now so many in the business the price keeps falling. It looks labor intesive and equipment specific. Most either mount everything on a large flat bed truck or a dedicated trailer (heavy duty). The concrete sand and concrete mix is heavy. If your in an area that hasn't been saturated by it. I think it is a money maker. It does take practice to get proficient at it.

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