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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by cddva, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. cddva

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    What are your preferred "weapons of choice" for demoing a concrete driveway? Does anybody own/rent a breaker attachment for this type work? Will a Kubota L39 backhoe with hyd. thumb handle this? What is the right technique when using a backhoe/mini-ex for this work?
  2. ksss

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    This is my method. I break up the driveway with a skid steer mounted Okada 750 hammer. I then remove the concrete with the thumb equipped mini ex. If required to remove material under concrete to make room for crushed roadbase than I do that using a 50 inch clean out bucket. Lay in gravel base and compact to grade. What I like about the mini ex is you don't tear up the subbase as you would using a skid steer.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    If the driveway doesn't have any rebar or mesh in it you get a edge started with a excavator it will break up easy. If you don't want to rent a breaker use a diamond blade saw cut it into sections and use a skid steer with forks or a excavator with a thumb start removing sections.

    The other option is find a big burly young kid with a 20lb sledge hammer it busts up concrete pretty fast :laugh:

    If the driveway has mesh in it then it makes it tough removing it you need a saw with a carbon blade to cut the steel. The bigger the chunks you remove less clean up you have to do.
  4. cddva

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    Thanks for your replies. I was that kid with the 20lb sledge when I was in high school working Summers for my neighbor (contractor)! I'm sure I can't pull that off anymore, thats why we buy equipment right?! I may be highjacking my own thread somewhat, but here goes..............I'm trying to estimate a job to demo about 40' of concrete runner's (not a full driveway) and 20' of concrete walkway along with removing a galvanized pipe culvert with brick headwalls and leaving an open ditch (county has installed a new culvert at new driveway location). Then I will cut/grade new driveway from that new culvert to the back of the house (140' x 10' wide (its a clear area)). I may follow the advice given in another post for how to gravel a new driveway (fabric, large stone followed by 21A). I've got quotes on renting a 10K dump trailer ($110/day) and breaker attachment ($150/day). If I go and add a compactor to the rental list I think I may be pricing myself out of the job (or really cutting my profit margin). Do you guys typically rent equipment even on smaller jobs and just pass on the cost's? What would be your ballpark estimate for a job like this? I'd like to get this work in an effort to expand my horizons but I don't want to work too cheap either. I know the best answer is get equipped (dump truck, cdl, lots of attachments - can't quite afford all that). Thanks.
  5. mverick

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    For drives everyone is right. But, I usually just use a track cat. Grab a edge lift and drop. It will break. If it doesn't , throw a couple chunks of concrete under it to break off of.

    I own a mini x but it's to small I think for this. Takeuchi 15.

    I really don't know about that 10k dump trailer though. You'll be making a lot of trips. I'd be looking at a roll off or 2. And, I own a 14k Dump trailer. I wouldn't use it.

    I always charge what I rent the equipment for. I have to get something back for what I bought.

    If it's just runners and side walk you won't need a breaker.

    For a drive that long get the compactor and forget the breaker.
  6. dozerman21

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    Like mverick said, everyone is right. There are many different good ways to tear out concrete. We use our 580E backhoe. We break it up with the hoe and load it in the dump. It's pretty effecient and the loader cleans up the area when we're finished.
  7. Dirt Digger2

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    how big is the driveway?...we would use our 120cfm (i think) compressor and 1 or 2 hammers on it or we would just break it up with the backhoe bucket if it wasn't all that thick.

    you would want to double check on the roll off container, a lot of places take concrete somewhere else besides the landfill and the waste company might not want to haul rock...also you would be hard pressed finding a trucking company willing to let you dump concrete chucks in their trucks with a skidloader as oppsed to setting them in there with a backhoe/trackhoe
  8. Gravel Rat

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    If its concrete strips they are easier to bust up because you can get on either side of them with a machine. Any tough sections a 90lb electric jackhammer can do the rest. You could rent a pneumatic (sp) jackhammer but then you need to rent a compressor.

    I don't swing sledge hammers either my back can't take it. The local concrete contractor has a big guy that works for them he swings a 20lb sledge like nothing :laugh:

    I noticed you said your renting a dump trailer for 110 a day isn't it cheaper to have a rolloff bin dumped in the yard and you load it up they haul it way. Old bricks and busted up concrete can be buried if they have a hole to fill or a contractor in the area that may want to take some free fill.
  9. Kepple Services

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    Man, you all do it the hard way. I just use my T300 with a set of pallet forks. I just removed, and hauled, a 1300 square foot driveway in 5 hours total. I just lift sections with the forks, and if the chunk is to large i then either drop it, or use a sledge to break off a section. Stack the pieces on top of each other and then load them into my truck. breaking them up just makes lots of little chunks to pick up/clean up.
  10. RockSet N' Grade

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    All these ways are good. I personally like to pick up big pieces with the ex and gently place them in the dump truck. Watch out for rebar in the stoops by the garage can pull that up and find you have also removed a door and jamb in the process (wish I had read about that one in a book instead of learning it through experience)........

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