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concrete edging


LawnSite Gold Member
NW, Iowa
Looking at adding this to our business. Anyone out there doing this? just curious how it is going? We install thousands of bullet edgers, concrete edging seems like a good alterative method?!??

D Felix

LawnSite Bronze Member
Maybe thoughts are different in your area, but IMHO, concrete has NO place in the landscape, especially residential, as far as edging is concerned. Be it "bullet" type edgers or curbing.

Not only does it look tacky (just like red mulch, YUCK!), it also does not allow easy re-shaping of beds in the future. Imagine a customer spending $1k or more (what does that sh*t typically run, anyway?) on edging, only to want to expand the beds in a few years. Hmmm, should they toss that money right out the window and tear that curbing up? Seems like a lost oportunity cost at a minimum to you, it's at the very minimum going to be frustrating to the client.

I guess there are some people that like it, and it appeals to them. I guess I am one that doesn't like it, and it really does not appeal to me. I'm opinionated about certain things (just ask my bosses!:D), and this is one of them.

If you want to do it, go right ahead. Do a search, there's been a few people that have asked about it in the last few months.

Think about this though: You will most likely make more money in the long-run by re-edging beds by hand every year than you will with this curbing....

Just my $.02 worth. Take it for what it cost you!:D:D


Border Guy

LawnSite Member
I've been in the curbing business for the last 6 months. Doing great. VERY profitable and have VERY satisfied customers. Dan seems to have the impression that this edging is absolutely permanent and the homeowner has no more options in their landscape when it's installed. It can be removed easily if need be and more can be added. I am marketing with my own brochure, my own brand recognition and word of mouth. Once you do a job in a neighborhood, the phone rings off the hook. Lots of colors, stamps and styles.


LawnSite Senior Member
I had concrete edging installed a couple of years ago in my yard and I can't count the number of compliments and inquiries I've received.I also have designer red mulch in all my beds.I've put out this type of mulch for many of my customers and each time I do it people walk by and comment on how great it looks.There's no doubt in my mind that most people around here like both concrete edging and red mulch.

D Felix

LawnSite Bronze Member
Border Guy-
You asked somewhere (different thread, same topic) how often we change the size of the beds... Usually on a yearly basis on some properties, some every other or every third. This is to compensate for trees/shrubs growing. If there was curbing installed, in a few years, the curbing could be well underneath the tree/shrub and would be serving absolutely no purpose...

You can stick your curbing and red mulch. Just stay where you are and ugly up the world there. (Man, I'm feeling nasty today! Sorry:D)