Concrete Fountain Pool Construction

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by MikeA0, Jun 28, 2011.

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    I've been in the landscaping business for the last 5 years and before that I was a laborer for a large concrete contractor.

    I have done a number of fountains with fiberglass ponds or rubber liners but I recently had my best customer ask me about building a fountain out of poured concrete.

    Does anyone have any links/how-to's/pictures of concrete fountain pools that you've built?

    The fountain will be a circle- 14' diameter by roughly 18" deep. My thought is to form it up, lay up some nice steel and pour it with a 3500 psi fiber-reinforced concrete, then let it cure for a month and coat it with CIM 1000.

    A few question:
    - I'm in MN, so I'm planning on pouring footings under the round outside walls to frost depth (48"). Should I pour an X foundation under the floor in the center for added support? Or, can that just be a slab on grade?

    - Do you recommend doing this as a monlithic pour? Or, pouring the foundation first, stubbing rebar, then pouring the wall and floor? If monolithic, any tips/hints on forming this up to make it easy?

    - Any other tips/articles/posts/thought would be greatly appreciated

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    It sounds like you are going the right direction with rebar reinforcement #3 rebar, and thickness about 6". that will work fine. You could use special-ordered curved radius CMU block for the basin.
    Place your rebar 12" OC and you can form it or build it in stages, i.e. foundation, base, and stemwalls for the basin. You may wish to talk to a strutural engineer or pool builder and ask to see a Pool Steel Schedule, then use it for a guideline.
    As for waterproofing, I would use the Multicoat, or what is also known as the Slatex system with the bond kote 2000 and Mulasticoat.
    Check out their website.
    I've use this waterproof membrane system in Spas and under boulder and stone Caribbean Pool shelves. I consider this product to be 100% effective and reliable. It is also very easy to work with. Brush on roll on. ad you can trowell the bond kote on also.
    They also have some colored finishes.

    Or, I would use an Epoxy or an Acrylic based paint over a bond coat. One product is a really nice light blue color and is literally called 'Swimming Pool Paint'. I've used it on the underside of a round concrete table in a pool.

    Good luck with your project -everyone starts somewhere, and this should help you have confidence that it will hold water and not ever. leak
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    I built a similar fountain last summer using a fiberglass basin. It was $2200 for 10' diameter. Even if a 16' ends up costing 2 times that it would still save you money in the long run. I avoided using concrete because, like you, I am in an area with harsh winters and I didn't want to be coming back. The other nice thing about fiberglass was the ease with which we were able to run our plumbing, electrical. We put in an autofill valve, right off of the irrigation system and an overflow pipe.

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    Sorry about that, freeze-thaw is a big deal. I was thinking in terms of best structure to hold water.

    I didn't take the time today to double check the posts, but this is going in the ground right?

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